Daily Archives: May 12, 2017

May mania


THEresa MAY is the most popular British PRIme Minister since records began. On the face of it this is staggering. She is so dull that she is not even properly boring. She is plain : neither beautiful nor ugly in a way that excites compassion.

Theresa May is neither Young nor old by political standards. She is unassuming yet self possessed. She is well turned out and she accessorises stylishly. May is telegenic but not full of herself. Her media performances are effective without seeming too polished. When first elected she was a poor Communicator and could not answer easy questions with a straight answer.

It is bizarre how so many people like MAY. No one adores her. There will be no cult of May as there was of Thatcher or Blair. She is perhaps a female Jim Callaghan. She is a capable everyoman. By affability and ordinariness she appeals to people.

The Prime Minister was on the Tory front bench for years in opposition. The public got used to her. She was one of only 13 Conservative women in 1997. There was a dearth of female talent in her party. The other women soon left Parliament.

The PM was Home Secretary for 6 years. That is the most demanding cabinet job. She came through it unscathed. Perhaps we underestimate tediousness as a political virtue>. No one dislikes her. She is not forthright on any issue. Is this a strategy or is she unopinionated?



Labour has some decent policies.


Labour has put forward so,e policies that appeal to the average Britisher. Labour proposes a soft Brexit which is in line with the view of Middle Britain. Likewise the partys Policy on renationlising the railways is what the majoirty of people in the United Kingdom want: The Conservatives wanted to keep the railways in public hands until the 80s. Thatcher had it that way. There is Nothing crazily left wing about publicly owned railways. The Reds also want the minimum wage to go up to 10 pounds an hour. That is too high but most people believe that the wage should rise. Labour calls for massive investMent in the NHS. LABOUR wishes to retain nuclear arms : that is distinct from LABOURS 80s unilateralism.

Never have such ^popular policies been so poorly presented. Labour comes across as a shambolic shower. The party seems to be feeble, divided, disorganised and extreme. *

Images matters. MOST PEOPLE are shallow ; they dislike Corbyn and his crew even for sartorial reasons. Jeremy Corbyn has a tin ear for other peoples opinions. He comes across as a curmudgeon and a crank.

May is more popular than her party and Corbyn is less popular than his. When most Labour MPS have no confidence in him why should the public? The Tory ca,paign is focussed heavily on the PRIME Minister : she is pulling her partys vote up. Corbyn drags LABOUR down.


A dream of the rabbi and his chum


I sa the rabbi of West London; I knew this geographer yonks ago and have seen hi, on YouTube. In the drez, I spokle to hi, and the ,an who wenr to collingwoods school. I dislike the later intently and brear a grudge against hi, for hitting ,e when I was down; In the conversation the rabbi saif=d that this collingwood classicist was also of the tibe. that is bogus.

There were other bits of the drea, that I hve since forgotten. I have been reflecting how I wish to visit ertez Israel.