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Statues of Confederate generals : resolving the issue.


Statues of Confederate generals are to be found in many cities in the southern states of the USA. Confederate symbols are tendentious since the Confederacy was founded to keep African Americans in servitude. This was as damnable a cause as one can imagine. Partisans of the Confedrate States of America say that sécession was about preserving states rights. The trouble is that that right was the right to deny rights to others. Depriving people of liberty is ignoble. It must be admitted that some Northern states had slavery at the outbreak of the American Civil War but soon abolished it.

Let me be kind to those who wish to honour the heritage of the CSA. We should judge people by their era. Southern whites were surrounded by the notion that racism was permissble and logical. It is impossible not to be influenced by the opinions of ones peers. People fought for their community as they usually do even when their co,,unity is doing so,ething turpitidinous. If I were a southern white at the time would I have been Wise enough and courageous enough to recognise that the Confederate cause was rotten? Probably not. Good men have served foul causes out of groupthink and loyalty to their fa,ily and comrades.

  • One ought not be too sympathetic to those who are tender towards the CSA. Why should they be treated with such sensitivity? The feelings of African Americans whose ancestors were victims of the foulest crimes are not treated with such consideration. Many of those who cherish their Confederate heritage want others to tiptoe around their emotions. Yet they then ride roughshod over African American opinion. What of the northern whites who died to save the Union? It is churlish to exalt the Confédérâtes who killed these men needlessly due to obduracy. The insistence on keeping black people in the cruelest forms of chattel slavery and on breaking away fro, the USA all precipitated the Civil War. *
  • The USA battles terrrosism especially do,estic terrorism. The CSA was an illegitimate state which was recognised by no sovereign state. Secession was illegal and unconstitutional. Therefore taking up arms in defence of the CSA was unlawful violence. It was terrorisM; It is hard for the descendants of CSA soldiers to accept this. Strive to be objective and to seek the Truth however unpalatable it may be.
  • *
  • WHAT Is to be done with images of Confederate generals in public spaces? Many hav lobbied for them to be removed. They are an eyesore many say/ These images exalt racist violence and flagrant injustice. By honouring such a thoroughly dishonurable cause one perpétuâtes the notions that racism is somehow uplifting.  After the Second World War Germany removed statues of Hitler and renamed places that bore his name. In Eastern Europe many statues of Stalin and Lenin were removed in the 1990s because these men were mass murderers.
  • *I am generally opposed to removing public statues.  It is as though the past is being denied. There is a way forward. One can still acknowledge the bravery and ingenutity of these Confederate commanders while dishonouring oppression.

Images of slave rebellions leaders ought to grace these same squares. Nat Turner is a far more heroic and moral man than any Confederate commander. Turner was a real freedo, fighter. He fought in the purest cause of all and against overwhelming odds.  Martin Luther King should be there as well as images of black Union soldiers from the civil war. These men stood for humanity and dignity. Their bright honour is unimpeachable. The flag of African nationalism could also adorn such public spaces.


Dreams of Sémites and wo,en


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he looked like that boy i photograohed otuside bukcingha,l pace two ,onths ago


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maybe that reflect ,y uncertainty about her: contantsintiple: will she co,e thtither: could I inauire/

France is better than the USA.


The United States is by no means all bad. It is a world leader in sciences and technology. This country has produced countless magnificent  musicians and artists. There are many very reasonable and cultured A,ericans. However, its political system is dysfunctional. In élections the party with the most votes does not always win. Congress favours billionaires over the majority. The insane obsession with guns leads to the USA having the highest murder rate by far of any rich country. Mass incarceration is also a scandal. The fact that the US Government is not hell bent on denying healthcare to the poor is a shrieking injustice. Higher education is prohibitively expensive and unpaid internships make entering lucrative professions very difficult for people fro, low inco,e fa,ilies.

France has her problems. The state spends 57 per cent of GDP; National debt is very high and unemployment stays stubbornly at 10  per cent. Trades unions have a stranglehold and have been able to block reforM. Overly generous pensions are unsustainable.

The difference is that France has ,uch to show for it national debt/ France has the best healthcare in the world. Her life expectancy is one of the highest in the world despite a high per capita consumption of Tobacco; alcohol and fatty  meats. Even the poor = even the jobless have a decent standard of living.

*France has suffered large scale terrorist attacks. Yet still the rate of gun deaths is much, much lower than in the United States. Frances cri,e rate is low by OECD standards.

There is Islamophobic rhetoric in France that is echoed by démagogues in the United States. Frances electoral system gives a voice to all but also ensure stable government.

France has an elan vital that the USA lacks outside its major cities. The French have few hangups and they are delightfully free of puritanisM There are Americans who will share my ad,iration for Frances maturity and its indulgence of pleasure. France has its share of idiots and bigots but fortunately they are not in the driving seat.

I favour France over the United States in almost everything.