Daily Archives: May 2, 2017

Labour’s foolish Brexit policy.


It is commendable that Labour has promised to give effect to the settled will of the British people to withdraw from the EU. This is very praiseworthy in view of Labour’ previous europhile extremism.

Corbyn has made one unwise moved. He said that he would immediately guarantee that all EU citizens already in the United Kingdom may remain. I like this generosity of spirit. However, that is giving away one of the main bargaining chips. I do not wish people to be treated as bargaining chips but one needs to be hard headed in negotiations. SUpposing a Labour Government vowed that all EU citizens could remain and then the EU did not make a similar promise to Britishers in other EU states – where would we be? Corbyn would give something away for nothing. He would not seek to advance the interests of his own citizens.

If the EU was so decent it would vow that all Britons in other EU states can stay put. It refused to clear up this issue in advance.