Homage to Erdogan.


I wish to pay tribute to President Erdogan. This gentleman is the Turkish head of state. President Erodgan is renowned throughout the globe for his indefatigable advocacy of human rights. I am filled with the utmost admiration for Recip Tayyip Erdogan. R T Erdogan is famed across the world as an intellectual, a man of faith, a gallant soldier and the saviour of his people. He has striven for peace. He has defeated the wicked Kurdish separatists. He has liberated the people of Syria. He has saved the world.

I extend unto President Erdogan my heartiest possible felicitations at his recent victory in a referendum. By this enormous margin of 4% he secured the unanimous and fervent assent of the Great Turkish Nation to more power being put into his hands. What mighty hands it is now concentrated in. No wiser hand could be on the tiller of the ship of state.

R T is a man of the most unimpeachable probity. His integrity means he is to be trusted implicitly with public funds. His party never embezzles of accepts bribes. He has preserved the constitution inviolate. He is a man of spirit and erudition.

Now that the president is to be granted plenipotentiary powers he will fulfill all the needs of the people. No bad can befall the Turkish people. Under his cool and sound judgement the nation shall be safeguarded from all harm. Erdogan shall preserve all the rights of the people. Those who are ill-disposed towards the president are actuated solely by envy and spite. All true Turks salute the president and pledge their undying fealty and blind loyalty to so brave and wise a leader. Yea, he is an instrument of divine will. Any who doubts this indisputable truth is manifestly fit only for detention in a lunatic asylum.

President Erodgan’s moustache is most admirable and manly.  A man with a moustache is very macho and sagacious. I only wish I could cultivate such distinguished facial hair myself. The president is known to be dashing but self -effacing. He is indeed a worthy heir to Ataturk.

Those who oppose R T Erdogan as rodents and fiends. Mountebanks have denounced him. Theirs shall be a gruesome fate.  How can any charlatan accuse the president of wickedness or deceit. Such lese majests should be soundly punished. These people suffer from diseases of the soul.

It is my sure and certain hope that my nation will be accepted to join Turkey. Then we too can benefit from the benevolent rule of the supreme statesman. I would glory in the name of Turk. This man offers stability. He has a post modern take on human rights. He has a tough attitude to security.  He certainly has a novel attitude to freedom of expression. The president défends the honour of his sireland. He has no truck with despots like Theresa May.

There can be no higher honour than President of the Turkish Republic. The Justice and Development Party is most assuredly. the supreme expression of the will of the Turkish people. It is my fond hope that the other Turkic peoples of Central Asia shall come back to their Turkish Motherland. Then all Turks shall be united From Istanbul to Astana. From Kazan to Cyprus. The unconquerable Turkish nation shall master the world. I wish to see Turania rebuilt and the Ottoman Empire resurrected. Erdogan is a true soldier of Islam. He is restoring morality and sanity to the benighted races. Nations not so blessed as the Turks have suffered Under tyrants such as Merkel. Down with the hirelings and traitors who do not pledge faith to Erdogan.

His Excellency is a man of ingenious plans. Those who dislike him are diabolical scoundrels. He has ensured that the Turkish media is the freest in the world. Turks never voice the mildest criticism of R T Erdogan because there is Nothing not to like. The president is the very summit of absolute perfection.

President Erdogan is the Grand Turk. May he sire a thousand sons! May his moustache grow bushier! May his wifes headscarf never slip!

All power to Erdogan!


About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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