Comprehension test


Comprehension and creative response.

25 May.
Read the text and answer the questions.

Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon.

Neil Armstrong was born in the United States in 1930. He studied at Purdue University. He joined the US Navy and trained as a pilot. Later he was transferred to NASA. In those days only military officers were allowed to train as astronauts. This also excluded all women from being astronauts as women could not join the military back then.

Armstrong served as a test pilot. He had to fly as high and as fast as possible. He also tried out new planes.

In the late 1960s Armstrong and many others trained to fly to the moon. It was not certain which one of them would be picked by NASA to be the first man on the moon. The Soviets had been winning the space race and the United States was desperate for a success. In the end NASA decided that Armstrong was their best astronaut to go to the moon.

In July 1969 a mission called Appollo 11 was launched. This was the flight to the moon. It was broadcast live in American television. Armstrong’s space rocket flew to the moon. It was a very risky mission. There was a high chance of the mission not reaching the moon or even of the space rocket exploding. Armstrong tried not to be nervous.

That day the space ship safely reached the moon. Neil Armstrong could hardly believe it. It was only then that he thought of something profound to say. ”One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.” By putting his foot on the moon he had made something that seemed utterly impossible become real.

Armstrong collected soon moon rocks for analysis by scientists. After a few minutes on the moon he returned to his space rocket and went back to Earth. Armstrong was greeted by jubilant crowds. He was the most celebrated man in America.

Armstrong retired from NASA. He died in 2012.


1. When was Armstrong born?

2. Was he in the military?

3. Were women allowed to be American astronauts in the 1950s?

4. Why did Armstrong not think of what to say when landing on the moon until just before he arrived on the moon?

5. In what month did he land on the moon?

6. What did he say when he arrived on the moon?

7. Why did he collect moon rocks?

8. How did the American public greet him?

9. What was the name of the first mission to the moon/

10. What is your opinion of him? (Six sentences) ­____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Imagine you are an astronaut. Write your story saying why you want to go to space. Describe how you were selected and how you were trained. Then describe your mission in space. Be as imaginative as you like and invent characters. Write at least ten sentences. There are ten marks for this.



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