chemistry test


1. Which gas do animals including humans need?
2. Carbon dioxide is needed by which living organisms?
3. What is the process called when a gas turns into a liquid?
4. Is freezing a reversible change?
5. Is melting reversible?
6. Is condensation reversible?
7. Is burning reversible?
8. Name a food in which microbes are used?
9. What living organisms pass from one person to another and are a disease?
10. What are good conditions for microbes to grow in?
11. CO2 is the formula for which gas?
12. H2O is the formula for what substance which is usually a liquid?
13. Which element has the symbol ”O”?
14. Which element has the symbol ”H”?
15. Which element has the symbol ”C”?

1. Describe gas exchange between animals and plants.
2. What is a solution? Describe how temperature and the size of granules can make a solid dissolve faster or slower in water.
3. Describe why we use degrees celsius to measure temperature. Remember to say what happens to water at 0 degrees and 100 degrees.


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