Assad’s lying denial of launching the chemical attack


Look at the following transcript of President Assad denying that his military committed the recent chemical atrocity. He is a poor liar. Notice where he blinks and blinks most often.

When he is at a crucial point of lying he speaks fastest. When he is most deceitful he shifts in his chair a lot. When he says something uncontroversial such as the attacks were first reported by Al Qa’eda –  which everyone agrees is true – he speaks slowly and does not blink. Contrast this against the vital parts of his speech when he claims that his forces did not carry out this atrocity.


”There was no order [blink blink]  to make [blink]  any chemical attack [blink blink]

we do not have chemical weapons [blink blink ]

we gave up our arsenal three [blink]  years ago [blink]

even if we had them we would not use them [blink]

we have never [blink]  used our chemical arsenal  [blink]   in our history

the only source is

it was Al Qa’eda [blink]   we cannot take it seriously. [blink]

but our impression that the west mainly the united states is hand in glove with the terrorists

they fabricated the whole [blink]  story in order to have a pretext for the attack [blink]

… and the propaganda [blink] stage two the military attack that is what we believe  [blink]   is happening because only few days [blink] 48 hours between … and no  [blink]  investigations   [ blink] no concrete evidence [blink blink] about anything  the only thing were allegations and propaganda and then strike [blink]   …


the allegation itself by al qa’eda and al nusra front … like the white helmets for example [blink] they are al qaeda   [blink]  they are al nusra front [blink]  who shaved their beard [blink]  wore white hats [blink]  and appeared  as humanitarian [b;ink]  heroes [blink] which is not the case  they are the same people [blink]  who are killing syrian soldiers  [blinkl]    and you have the proof on the internet  blink blink

so the same thing for that chemical attack blink blink blink

we don’t know blink whether those dead children blink were they killed

were they dead at all blink blink blink errr who committed the attack blink if there was attack blink

what the material blink you have

INTERVIEWER ;” so you are syaing it was fabrication”

definitely . blink 100% for us it was fabrication blink blink



Notice how his denial of possessing chemical weapons is not absolute. Even if we had them – he says. Why the hypothetical? He says they would not use them. Then why possess them?

He has been caught out lying before. President Al Assad is a barbarous tyrant. He has wilfully murdered tens of thousands of civilians.

Bashir Al Assad goes on to doubt whether anyone was killed at all. That is not what was said initially. So the sarin victims in Turkey are faking? Only the Syrian regime possesses such weapons. He cannot get his story straight.

Dr Al Assad says the internet cannot be trusted and then cites it to support his specious claims.


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