Clinton’s revolting eulogy to McGuinness.


It was apposite to see one of the most dishonest American politicians paying homage to McGuinness.

Clinton’;s mendacity is eclipsed only by that of Trump. It was partly memories of Bill Clinton’s deceitfulness that caused Hillary to lose the election.

It was quite staggering to see Clinton call Martin McGuinness a peacemaker. ”Finish the work of peace” said Clinton. It was finished a long time ago. McGuinness did so much to sustain the conflict. He was 19 when the conflict erupted. At that time the butcher’s apprentice seemed to have no political views. Soon he was attempting to kill the soldiers who came to protect his Catholic community from loyalist terrorists. No good deed goes unpunished.

Clinton said it was terrible that McGuinness had no indoor lavatory as a child. Clinton seemed to sympathise with this plight. Funny that Clinton’s regressive policies pushed more Americans into poverty.

”Free, independent and self governing and still inclusive.” that was what Clinton thought McGuinness wanted. In that case McGuinness should have admitted that he was British and welcomed Orange marches. Clinton did at least say that McGuinnness realised he should not hold someone’s faith against them. This was a tacit admission that McGuinness had been a bigot until the 90s.

Clinton went on to say that McGuinness wanted to reduce poverty. Until 1997 he was doing his utmost of wreck the economy and impoverish people.

”A faithful follower of the faith of his mother and father” – said Clinton of McGuinness. If that was the case then McGuinness would have renounced violent crime as the Catholic Church told him.

Throwing a stone can kill someone. Even if a person does not die from the stone he can be brain damaged. McGuinness stoned the army. The British Army had guns. They could have shot dead those who tried to kill them. The army showed gallant self restraint. They suffered injuries day after day and used only very limited force to fight back –  using batons and not bullets. If the army had shot back would the IRA not have used guns? They were already using guns. Thugs like McGuinness only stoned the army because he knew that the army was so mild that it would not use its full strength. The army fought with one hand tied behind its back.

If McGuinness had done that in the United States he would have spent decades in prison. Three strikes and you are ought was one of Clinton’s pet policies.

The security forces knew where McGuinness was in the 80s and 90s. Not just which building but normally which room. They could have killed him any time. But they did not do so because the security forces almost always adhered to the law. McGuinness’ plotted the death of members of the security forces. They were usually killed whilst unarmed. Those accused of petty crime were beaten and shot by him. No trials for them.

Bill Clinton is a hardline Zionist. His hawkish attitude did much to exacerbate the situation in Israel and Palestine. Clinton acted as an advocate for Israel. Palestine has been under illegal occupation for 50 years. Like anyone else the Palestinians have fought back. Their civilians have been killed in their 10 000s by the Israeli military. The US Government provides diplomatic support. The United States supplies Israel with arms – often for free.

Despite the flagrant injustice of the illegal occupation the US Government under Clinton stood behind Israel. Zionist aggression provoked resistance. The Palestinians fought in self defence.

It is true that Palestinian fighters sometimes deliberately killed civilians. This is of course shameful and never acceptable. It is probable that no armed forces has been entirely innocent.

The Palestinians fought mainly with small arms. Israel has nuclear arms. As the conflict was so asymmetrical it is not surprising that the Palestinians used unconventional and even unethical means.

Despite the blatant righteousness of the Palestinian cause Clinton called these resisters ”terrorists”. He praised the occupiers to the moon. The Israeli Government operated apartheid laws in the illegally occupied land.

It is true that William J Clinton helped to bring about peace talks between Israel and Palestine. But he was no honest broker.

It was sick making for a man like Clinton to take the moral high tone. He is an accessory to large scale crimes against humanity.

The Palestinians are not Israelis. They do not wish to be nor are they given the chance to be. Palestine has had a democracy for decades now. Despite this the will of its elected government was rejected by the USA. Clinton supported illegal occupation and the mass killing of civilians by a racist government in the case of Israel. When it came to Northern Ireland he was sympathetic to terrorists who strove to destroy democracy in one of the freest countries in the world. There was no illegal occupation. Northern Ireland is in the UK because most of its people want it to be. Even the pro terrorist party Sinn Fein was permitted to stand in election. Elections were so perfectly fair that Sinn Fein won some seats. Sinn Fein itself agreed to partition in 1921. The all Sinn Fein Dail Eireann voted for partition in 1922 as did the people of Southern Ireland in 1922.

The legal and moral case for the Crown Forces fighting the IRA was water tight. Yet still Clinton pretended that there was some moral equivalence between the security forces and the IRA. It is nauseating to see his hypocrisy and to hear treacly rhetoric. The IRA was the oppressor and the security forces fought to uphold freedom.

William Jefferson Clinton was chummy with Martin McGuinness. What would have happened if McGuinness had tried these antics in the USA? Clinton insisted an a very punitive penal policy. Three strikes as you are out.


About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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