Good riddance to Martin McGuinness


He was born in the United Kingdom and he died in the United Kingdom. It is immensely satisfying that his life’s goal eluded him. This detestable fiend is no more. His carcass is now corrupting in the city that he tried to bomb out of existence.

Many people have forgiven McGuinness. This is foolish and unmerited. McGuinness was unrepentant. If he was contrite he would have come clean. He never fessed up and apologised. Martin McGuinness denied any knowledge of Martin McGuinness.

McGuinness was forunate to be born in the UK. He grew up in a working class family as one of seven children. They had a two bedroom house and his father had a steady job. This is more than can be said for many in the Republic of Ireland. His mother moved from Donegal to get a job in Derry. She got a job all right. So much for Catholics being unable to get jobs in Northern Ireland. If the Republic of Ireland was so splendid why did half the young folk leave? Many moved to the UK. Republicans indulged in anglophobic rhetoric. They long scapegoated the English for Ireland not being as rich as England. We were rich by world standards. The fact that we were not as prosperous as England was due to lack of natural resources and arable land. After 1921 it must also be down to our government. Moreover, the IRA had done their damndest to wreck the economy. They burnt houses. blew up bridges, robbed banks and murdered people. That set ups back economically by many years.

Martin McGuinness was very lucky to grow up in Northern Ireland. It was a wealthy country. He had free education and free healthcare. There was the rule of law. All adults were allowed to vote for Parliament. Election results were entirely genuine. The death penalty was almost never used.  Crime was very low because people were happy. People had freedom of religion and freedom of expression. They had free association and free assembly.

Catholics practised their faith freely. We had a church in every town. We held religious parades on the streets.

Very, very few countries were as free as Northern Ireland.

There was some sectarian animus. As in most countries ethno-religious discrimination occurred. This provides not the slightest justification for killing a single person. This discrimination was on nothing like the scale he claims.

Some apologists for the IRA say that these crimes against humanity were permissible because of job discrimination. Has anyone ever bombed their way into a job? I will try that at my next job interview. There was anti Protestant discrimination too.  Sectarian discrimination existed in the South too. In Cork signs outside a Protestant owned shop in the 60s said jobs were for Protestants only.

McGuinness did not do well at school. He disliked the Christian Brothers who taught him. Despite this he remained an ardent Catholic. He claimed to have been refused a job at 15 on the basis that he went to a school that the interviewer knew to be a Catholic one. Could this man have had a low opinion of the school? Was McGuinness veracious? He told so many flagrant lies that he has no credibility.

McGuinness sat an exam called the 11+. This exam was to select the brightest 20% for grammar school. McGuinness did not make the cut. His subsequent inability to speak grammatically serves only to vindicate the examiners’ decision.

In 1974 McGuinness was arrested in the Republic of Ireland. He was in possession of many illegal weapons. In court he bragged that he was proud to be an officer of the IRA. He later denied ever having been in the IRA.

McGuinness wanted to overthrow the Irish Government too. His terrorists were also active in the South. They robbed banks, murdered Irish soldiers, Gards and civilians.

McGuinness was an enemy of democracy. His thugs attacked polling stations. They killed people for having different opinions. Even fellow republicans were killed by his tikes.

Frank Hegarty was an IRA man who turned informer. This hero saved many lives in the 80s. The security forces wanted to keep informers in place. To do this they prevented IRA attacks by changing routine or setting up roadblocks. Only occasionally did they even arrest people due to information from spies. They almost never killed IRA men based on information from spies. They wanted to keep the spy in place. An arrest or a slaying would mean the spy would be exposed.

Hegarty’s cover was blown and he fled Ireland. Hegarty’s family spoke to McGuinness who promised them that their relative could return to Derry without fear of reprisal. Hegarty was very unwise to trust the word of an IRA man. Frank Hegarty was abducted. He was tortured for weeks. His naked body was dumped on a roadside. Why naked? It was the ultimate in cruel humiliation. The IRA went out of their way to be as sick as possible. When the Crown Forces executed people in the 20s they did not strip the condemned.

McGuinness said that he never assured the family that their kinsman would be safe in Derry. Why should we believe a proven liar? Who had more to lose? Why would the family lie>? It was a very dangerous thing to denounce such a vicious man who was notorious of unrestrained violence against the defenceless.

The IRA ruled the Bogside with a rod of iron. Those suspected of being petty thieves were severely beaten up. They had their limbs broken. These bestial beatings were inflicted without any trial. Yet the IRA said they wanted fair trials. When terrorists were on trial the proceedings met the highest international standards.  Many terrorists were acquitted because of the slightest doubt. The presumption of innocence was rigorously adhered to. The judges were fiercely independent and defendants were given excellent counsel free of charge.

Those the IRA called drug dealers were shot dead. This was despite the IRA making a handsome profit from drug pedaling.

The IRA committed hundreds of sectarian murders. The IRA purposefully targeted civilians. They could have fought out in the sticks. No they chose to fight in city centres. They wanted the security forces to accidentally kill civilians because that increased hostility against the security forces.

The IRA put bombs in shops. If it was about economic damage they could have done so in the middle of the night. They did so at peak times.

It is true that McGuinness had considerable support in his home town. Some people in any country approve of barbaric punishments for criminals. The lynch mob would like to see alleged drug dealers killed without trial. He was also an ultra nationalist and sectarian. That appeals to a certain segment of opinion.

The IRA was losing in the 90s. Its reign of terror was coming to an end. I pay homage to the heroism of the RUC. The soldiers deserve much credit too. Their gallantry and self restraint are a credit to the world. Not all members of the Crown Forces always behaved honourably. But overall the Crown Forces were the freedom fighters.

By the 90s the IRA almost only ever killed the unarmed. They would go unarmed until the moment before the attack. They knew that the Crown would not shoot unarmed people.

The IRA was never an army. Even if it had been it was outside the Geneva Convention. It wore no uniform and broke all the rules of an ethical war.

In 1992 McGuinness said to the British Government – the conflict is over and we need your advice on how to end it. He then lied about having ever said this.

McGuinness killed more Irish people than anyone since Cromwell. The so called defender of the Catholics slew more Catholics than the loyalist terrorists and the Crown Forces. Almost all the people killed by the Crown were armed terrorists. The IRA was the oppressor.

The SDLP, Alliance Party and Ulster Unionists are the peacemakers.

In 1998 McGuinness agreed to much the same deal as had been on offer in 1974. Most of the people who died in the Troubles died after 1974.

After 2000 McGuinness was still blackguarding unionists. He calumniated the DUP saying they were not willing to share office with Catholics. That was a blatant lie. Look at them now.

It was nauseating to see Blair fawning over him. Blair reserved more ire for the Tories than for this foul bastard.

Even if you totally concur with McGuiness objectives and indeed armed forced against the British forces you must surely recognise that what McGuinness did was totally unethical. Take the Gillespie proxy bomb in 1991. A cook from a British army base was kidnapped. Cooking food was enough to mark him for death. His wife and children were held hostage by the Provisional IRA. Gillespie was told to deliver a bomb in a truck to a checkpoint or his wife and children would be shot dead. The luckless cook Gillespie was killed by the bomb. If you support the IRA’s cause you would approve of killing those British soldiers. But kidnapping children and threatening to kill them is a crime by any standards. It is expressly forbidden in international humanitarian law.

McGuinness was a wily mafioso. He was canny enough not to touch a gun or bomb after the 70s. He remained several steps away from the actual slayings. He was an armchair commander.

The British Army is in Northern Ireland. The IRA is not. Victory to the Crown Forces. God Save the Queen.

M McGuinness has been interred. Tramp the dirt down. I say the same for loyalist terrorist vermin.


About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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    • He was the chief of staff of the IRA. The IRA was listed as a terrorist organisation by the US Government, the Irish Government, the UK GOvernment and others.

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