The nonsense of the Everyday Sexism Project.


Laura Bates highlights same real problems. She notes that 2 women per week are killed by their boyfriends or former boyfriends. In fact her statistics have been challenged. There is no question that some women are killed by their husbands/ boyfriends or men with whom they were formerly in a relationships. La Bates goes on to identify Page Three topless women as a grave problem as well. Page Three is not tantamount to murder. She rails against the objectification of women.

85 000 rapes a year – that was one figure cited by her. How does she know? This is certainly not from convictions. We only know there was a rape when there was a conviction in which case the figure is more like 5 000 per annum. Even then this is dubious as a man can be convicted on the word of one person alone. Moreover, alcohol is said to vitiate consent. A boyfriend wakes up with an erection and puts it into his girlfriend. He has been copulating with her for months. She could later say it is rape and have him put away if she says she is too tired. This is grossly unjust.

Is she going by rapes reported to police? Is she going by surveys? Predictably she picks the highest possible number. This project fear relies on scaring people. She stokes fear by hugely exaggerating the scale of the problem. Rape is an abhorrent crime. This is exactly why one must take care not to wrongfully convict people of it.

Having sex with a woman against her wishes has always occur and always shall do it. This is true of any criminal offence. Naturally, one should seek to reduce the incidence of this. That does not mean it is wise or fair to unduly expand the definition of rape to include behaviour which is not wicked. Nor should one water down the right to a fair trial. We do that at our peril. Organisations now incite people to accuse others and promise to believe accusers. Why should one not false accuse? Some people derive their self esteem and their sense of mission from believing all accusations. What happened to objectivity? There is no fair mindedness. This one sidedness and lack of detachment shows why feminism is so irrational these days.

Feminists go around in T shirts bearing legends such as  – feminims: the radical belief that women are human. Not many men deny that women are human. It is a ludicrous statement. These feminists should support the fight against ISIS. That is the real enemt. No men who call women ‘darling’ in a nightclub.

Miss Bates is like a Mary Whitehouse of the left. Sex and violence: these words so often some together. L Bates seems to think these are the same thing. They ought to be total opposite.

This woman rants about tendentious remarks that some men make. Saying someone is a dumb blonde is something she dislikes intensely. Are some blondes dumb? Of course they are but no more or less than people without any sort of hair colour. In fact it is an anti racist thing. As only whites can be blonde this is over turning stereotypes about non white races being dim.

The E S P was inspired by Miss Bates walking down a road and a car slowing down by her. The man inside said to her ”you walk down the road every day at 12 don’t you?” What had that man done wrong? He had spoken to her. This male did not insult her or threaten her. He had noticed her. Perhaps there was a gleam in his eye. Maybe he desired her and that is no bad thing. It might have been late at night and she felt a little anxious. This is just typical of feminists always assuming the worst and trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Women get generous maternity leave and pay. The United Kingdom has had two women as Prime Minister. Women are hardly ever discriminated against. They can sue employers or even potential employers if they are mistreated.

Most men find women sexually attractive. Get over it. This means that males often like to look at women particularly of a certain age.

Miss Bates says that almost half of women at university have been touched against their will. This varies enormously. In certain contexts it can be a mistake or misunderstanding especially if there is some consensual contact first. It could be an advance which is rejected such as touching on the hand or even the thigh. This is something trivial especially if there has been flirtation. Flirtation is of course hard to define and signals can be misread. Codes of conduct would kill romance. Do we need to fill out permission slips for such encounters?

There can be unwanted touching which is not trifling at all. If a man touches a female pudenda knowing that it is against her will then this is a crime. No fair minded person would say that such an offence is a good thing.

Laura excoriates the sexual objectification of women. The body is an object whether male or female. People are sexual in that we are all created by sex – test tube babies aside. Appreciating physical appearance need not be sexual but it can be. She is a prude and a kill joy. She is worried that little girls are too het up with their body image. This has always been the case and always shall be. The insistence on skinny models and photo shopping exacerbates this. WHo are these models, designers, fashion executives and in many cases photographers? It is often women who do these things.

Not so many women want to be Prime Minister or a CEO. These remarks are cited by the BBC as sexist. This is not so. Is it possible that these statements are true? The backing music oozed pathos and rising emotion. The audience was invited to regard these comments are nauseating.

Men are judged on their looks too only not so much. If you dislike the attitudes of many hetero men who care about women’s appearances then simply ignore these attitudes. Do not let them define you.

Miss Bates is very censorious and judgmental. Her desire to impose her world view on others is worrying. The self righteous and alarmist tone of her discourse is also a reason to worry. She is very dishonest – saying that hundreds of feminist organisations have been founded in recent years. There are only 120 universities in the UK. Some of them already had such organisations.

Most Members of Parliament are women. So what? Men and women are not totally different. We are not enemies. Women might tend to have other ambitions.

Most CEOs are men. Let us think about male sacrifice – about longer hours. Women can start crying and close down criticism. They can accuse a man of sexism or harassment and get their way through such tactics.

Some men say that women moan. This is pointed to as an example of sexism. Some women moan as do men. This campaign is all about whining. Many of its objectives are unreasonable. Moreover, it takes petty issues and seeks to make them seem severe.

Bates’s campaign is disagreeable and fear mongering. There are some difficulties for women and men but she hugely inflates them. If there were none she would be bereft of things to talk about.

A century ago there was a huge amount of gender discrimination in the United Kingdom. This has long since been illegal. The UK has come an incredibly long way. Should we not pat ourselves on the back? Overall the situation is excellent. We deserve self congratulation and not recrimination.



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Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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