Valter Litvinenko on the death of his son.


When Aleksander Litvinenko was killed in 2006 his father was in no doubt as to who did it. Valter Litvinenko accused President Putin of ordering the killing and the killing was carried out by the FSB. Indeed V Litvinenko went on television to say it. He befriended a leader of Chechen separatists and endorsed his cause. V Litvinenko challenged the President of Russia to kill him too.

Several years on and Mr Litvinenko changed his tune. He said that he did not believe that anyone from the FSB killed his son. V L still agrees that his son was murdered – it was no accident. He agrees with everyone else that his son died from poisoning.

What reason does V L give for now saying that the Russian Government was not behind the slaying of his son?  He said that Andrei Lugovoi – the prime suspect – is no fool. Moreover, the FSB is not stupid and would not leave traces of pollonium 210 all over LOndon. So he was not saying that the FSB would desist from such a killing because it was illegal or unethical. His sole reason for doubting that the FSB did it is that he thinks they are subtler than that.  The FSB is not surreptitious. Indeed Anna Politkoskaya suffered an assassination bit using the very same method – poison in her tea. It is virtually certain that the FSB wanted her dead.

Even the best intelligence agencies are capable of mistakes. Mossad, the CIA and MI6 have all messed up at times. The FSB has sometimes committed the most glaring errors such as with the 1999 apartment block bombings in Russia. The FSB is not accustomed to dealing with an independent media. It does not obey Russian law at all and this makes them sloppy. They are not too discrete. They want dissidents to know that they will be killed.

V L’s thinking is a bit like Putin – the man he is trying tor curry favour with. He has a certain belief and then falsifies the facts to fit this belief. Is Lugovoi a fool? The way to answer that is to study his behaviour and then draw conclusions. V L does it the only way around. He starts out assuming that Lugovoi is cunning and from there assumes that this man cannot have bungled.

It is highly credible that A Lugovoi killed A L. After all Lugovoi has gone on record saying that this man should have been killed. He also said Sakhaashvili should be killed for ”damaging the interests of the state.” Not even for committing the crime? Something so open ended as that. No mention of a trial. This man boasts how bloodthirsty he is. Look at the example he gave. The former President of Georgia. That man was never a citizen of Russia. All he did was to defend his tiny country from an aggressor. If Lugovoi wants to murder a foreign head of state for acting lawfully then it is even more believable that he would slay Litvinenko for defection.

V L gave no other reason for his sudden change of belief. He also stated that his son was a traitor in working for MI6 which he had not previously known. Was this not known in 2006? It was easy to guess. When he was granted asylum in 2000 it was presumably on this basis.

V L said that because his son assisted MI6 he had betrayed Russia and deserved to be killed. There you have it. The FSB have the same view. As they believed that he should be killed and they had the means to do so then surely they would kill him.

Lugovoi did not steal from Litvinenko so this was not a killing in furtherance of a robbery. There was no sexual motive. There was no personal animus. They had met many times and seemed to be pals. Lugovoi had befriended Litvinenko and Berezovsky over a couple of years. Presumably this was so he could gather intelligence on them and then get close enough to carry out the hit.

What other reason might V L have for changing his tune? He fled to Italy fearing for his life. Why? If the FSB would not kill dissidents then why is he scared? His business in Italy failed and his wife has died. He is a lonely old man who speaks little Italian. His financial circumstances are dire and he cannot pay the rent. Could it be that he has been offered money to recant? He has pleaded to be allowed to return home in safety. It is possible that he is going senile but there does not appear to be much sign of that.

V L offered no alternative theory for the death of his son. If not agents of the Russian Federation then who? No one else had any reason to kill this man. It is doubtful that any other country has pollonium 210.

Would the British police go around London leaving pollonium 210 in order to manufacture false evidence against the FSB? This is unworthy of belief. They would be exposing themselves and the public to grave danger.

RT is the Kremlin’s English language propaganda channel. They are very eager to broadcast V L’s retraction of his earlier accusations. What he says now makes no sense. There are blatant reasons for him to deceive the public now as have been outlined hereinbefore. RT is following the Kremlin’s usual strategy of covering up such a crime by publishing several other theories however outlandish. This is part of the maskirovka. There are enough morons and self-haters to fall for this drivel. They think it makes them broadminded and smart. RT will do anything to distract from the blindingly obvious conclusion that Lugovoi killed A L at the behest of V V Putin.



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