The assassination of Aleksandr Litvinenko.


It is extremely probable that A Litvinenko was assassinated by Andrei Lugovoy.

What is the evidence that Lugovoy killed Litvinenko?

Litvinenko had tea with Lugovoy. Within hours Litvinenko came down with the illness that killed him.

Litvinenko’s friend the dissident journalist A Politkovskaya was shot dead days earlier.

Litvinenko died from poisoning. This is the preferred assassination method used by the FSB. It was used on Anna Politkovskaya (unsuccessfully), Yukoschenko (unsuccessfully), Georgi Markov and others.

Pollonium 210 is very hard to come by. The FSB is one of the few organisations that could possess it.

Litvinenko had fallen ill after a previous tea with Lugovoy. This seems to have been a failed bid to poison him.

Lugovoy left a trail of pollonium 210. It was on the teapot along with Lugovoy’s fingerprints. It was on the sink he used and in the bedrooms he stayed in and on the plane he travelled on.

The FSB had the motive, the means and the opportunity to kill Litvinenko.

The Russian state was irate with Litvinenko for his revelations and had previously gaoled him.

A former FSB officer emailed Litvinenko and told him it had been decided to extrajudicially liquidiate him.

Litvinenko had received an offer to come home to Russia and in return his wife and child would be spared. This implied that he would be killed if he returned.

The FSB trained by shooting photos of him.

It is rare if not unprecedented for a Russian agent to assassinate the citizen of a friendly state. Relations between Russia and the United Kingdom were very good in 2006 despite disagreement over Iraq. Putin had been on a state visit only 3 years earlier. Therefore for a Russian secret service officer to kill a British citizen was a very big deal. Surely such a drastic step would not have been taken without the express approval of the president. The FSB does not write such things down. It would have been a verbal command.

Litvinenko became a citizen only days before he was poisoned. The FSB tried to kill him before. Perhaps they were eager to kill him before his citizenship was awarded. But once he was made a British citizen they decided to kill him anyway. They wished to demonstrate that no one in untouchable. As they said to him remember Trotsky. He was killed even in Mexico. The FSB no doubt believed once a Russian always a Russian.

Mr Lugovoy has done very well since the death of Litvinenko. He owns several security companies all licensed by the FSB. He is a deputy elected to the State Duma. He is openly favoured by the government. This is very good for a man with a criminal record and no higher education. He has been lavishly rewarded for meritorious service.

Mr Lugovoy cannot be pronounced guilty as he has not had a trial. Could he be tried in absentia.

No one disputes that Litvinenko was killed by pollonium 210 or fell ill very shortly after having tea with  A Lugovoy. The Russian Government suggested that London gangsters killed Litvinenko. This is a preposterous contention. WHy would any British mobster do so? Litvinenko had done nothing against them? WHy antagonise the British secret service for whom Litvinenko worked? How would these gangsters get pollonium 210?

Chechen separatists would surely not kill someone who had reflected so much discredit on the Russian Government. Litvinenko was sympathetic to their cause. How would such people get their hands on sucha  poison?

Lugovoy’s guilt is brazen.


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