A dream of Cathay


I was in a large grey ferro concrete buulding like the Farrer theatre. some of it was underground. it was plain and spacious. It was in China and many Chinese people wandered around. All were middle aged. It was some sort of visa cente. They did not look at me. I was bored and disoriented.

I saw pater and we exchnaged words. He said something disparaging – playing to the gallery. I took umbrage

later I was on a street . looked like the corner of turnahm green near the tube station but away fro , chiswick high road.

I saw both eamma S and James Bruce. We all three saw each other at the same time – all three approaching from different directions. Itwas  a tad confusing but we all greeted each other. turnsed out we all kenw wahc other

what is the connection? I later realosed both had been t dunelm

Emma could get me a job in China. maube that is the link


dream reflect visa anxiety. wonder how long I can continue to get aong with radio rentals


About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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