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Where Ron Paul is wrong.


Ron Paul says that government steals with a gun. This is what he calls tax. Yet he pays tax. Is he being robbed? Is he a coward for paying? He was elected to Congress which is funded by tax. Was it criminal of him to participate? He drew his salary. This was living off stolen goods according to him. He supports the existences of the military. Is that funded by robbery? The same goes for the police and courts.

There is a strong case for lower tax and less government activity. There is no need for such emotive verbiage. It blurs the line between governmental activity and crime. People will think tax evasion is ethical. It also excuses criminals.

He wants homeschooling. How can parents teach all subjects to the standard of a specialist? Children will miss out on other school activities. They will find it hard to make friends. What about parents who are not brainy or rich. How can they run their own school? Some children have no parents.

We are social animals. We need to co-operate. We live in communities. We need some rules about how we interact. I am my brother’s keeper. We should try to prevent each other coming from harm. This can go too far with a nanny state and totalitarianism. The total opposite is also undesirable.

Ron Paul would have no public education. There would be no state pensions or minimum wage. Hyper capitalism is reprehensible.

Governments are not always inefficient. They sometimes create wealth.


Super Tutors


This book is the locus classicus on private tutoring. It is set to become the standard reference text on those seeking to get into the sector. To succeed in this field you need emotional intelligence and savoir faire. This book is a real page turner. It is written in crystal clear prose. It provides ample real life examples of what to expect and how to manage stressful situations.

This book is subtitled ‘The How to make it guide to VIP tutoring and childcare’. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The book defines the sector and then explains how to get into it. The lid is lifted on a mysterious and glamorous lifestyle.

Imagine getting on a plane to Abuja. You will need a little sang froid if you are about to stay with a family you have never met.

It takes considerable nous to negotiate cultural misunderstandings.

The 1848 revolution in Italy


food riots. bad harvests

Pius IX had released political prisoners and created a council of state

January reballion in sicily and naples. Ferdinand II was king

tobacco tax in Milan. kingdom of lombardy venetia. 100 000 austrian troops

Radetsky was in Milan with 20 000 soldiers forced to withdraw to quadrilateral

Metternich abdicated’

charles albert introduced liberal constitution in sardnia piedemont.

charles albert led war against Austrians. attack on quadrilaterial. Tuscany took part so did kingdom of two sicilies and even papal states. Then Papal states and Kingdom of two sicilies withdrew from alliances


Battle of Novara – Sar dinia Piedmont defeated


charles albert declared war on austria. quadirlateral fought over

Venice rebels. siege

Battle of Custozza June 1848. Austrians defeated Sardinia Piedemont – the country makes peace

Kingdom of two sicilies and Papal states support Austira


November 1848 revolt in rome. Pope fled. pellegrino rossi – pope’s minister- assassinated

Pope went to Gaeta fortress. grand  duke of tusacny protected him. ferdinand II sought shelter too

Charles Albert beaten and abdicated in 1849. His son victor emmanuel II became king

Roman republic ruled by garibaldi and g mazzini. free pres,s prison reform,  secular educaiton, land reform. – no right to work.

Austrians and French moved to crush Roman Republic. Gen Oudinit arrived from Frnace. Napoloen III wanted catholic conservative support.

SUmmer 1849 roman republic crushed. pope back.

A dream of the devil’s dandruff.


I was speakng to Will but somehow he turned into Hugh the psychiatrist. Anywway the man had been in prieson in Saudi for possessing the devik;s dandruff. He got 2 years. lucky not to get his hea dlopped off. only possesion but still. He told me he took it every day in prson was able to by it in. filmed hismelf taking it and posted videos on you tube.

What can it mean? I know Hugh used to. Thought of will who lives here. considering aplying for jobs in KSA.

A dream of her.


I was in an Eastern europena land. It was uatum – depresisng day. empty street with grey tower blocks and many ylleow leave son the street v overcast. I met the evil one. We spoke a little and got on well. our first meeting. in reallity that is not where I met her. I thought of telling Fridas’ child yesteday whhere I met the evil one. not that I would tell Friday that now – but might tell him in years

then the police arested us toom us away serpately. it was commie time. oddly I wa snot afriad. Nothing happened-  later I was reocunting it to evil one. they thoyght I was a spy and she was an agent.

she told me how they used to teriy suspects by using animals- seranrts in the cas eof some. put them in a room with big ones till the eprson would talk.

there were other parts to the dream but I do not tecall them now. I was abed with Gift. could have been an allusion to her. There was more but I do not recall now. What can it signigy? A sense of entrapment?