Daily Archives: October 26, 2016

Trump is falling further behind


His campaign has not quite nosedived. I do not think he will sink further in the polls. His supporters will be a bit demoralised. Constant negative publicity and their own reluctant admissions that they are behind will de-motivate their voters.

It is too late for more revelations or interventions to make much differences. Even if Romney were to say vote for Hillary it would not sway many people at this 11th hour.

I stick with my forecast that Trump will lose by 8%. I would like my prognosis to be wrong. I want him to be smashed. I do not like Mrs Clinton but she is a far better candidate.


Italian Foreign Policy. 1930s.



Not to lose South Tyrol.

1934 coup in Austria.. Schusschnigg.

Streas Frront.

Avoid losing a war.

Pick weak enemies

Anti-communist. Intervention in Spain.

League of Nations.


Trump fails the reality test – again.


Trump said Hillary would start a Third World War in Syria. The man is off his rocker. The USA and the USSR managed to avoid that during the tensest periods of the Cold War. The current situation is much more tranquil. Neither government is totally irrational. Russia is much weaker than the USSR. It has half the population the USSR did and it has lost most of its satellite states. Hillary is an astute and experienced diplomat. She is of course capable of getting it wrong but she has a wiser head on her shoulders than Trump does.

Trump is always mouthing off. He is childishly volatile. He said he wants more countries to possess nuclear arms. He is treating up 65 years of American non proliferation policy. Would he like Iran to have one? It was a shibboleth among Americans that anything would be done to prevent that happening. Donald Trump has been blase about launching nuclear strikes. He treats killing millions of civilians as something trifling. He is dangerously crazy. Words fail me to describe him. He is a swivel eyed, self-regarding, egomaniacal, bloodthirsty, loud mouth, moronic, bigotted, perverted monster.