Clisaire is wrong on Brexit.


She said it is offensive for Farage to talk about the United Kingdom becoming independent. He noted that this has been achieved without a shot being fired. She fulminated that it was wrong to compare this ”to having to bloodily and violently remove yourself from British rule.” This is wrong for several reasons. We did not HAVE to remove ourselves.  Most people in Ireland wanted Home Rule and we already had that on the statute book! Some ultra-nationalists in a democracy took it upon themselves to side with any enemy country in wartime – Germany – and start a conflict in Ireland. They wrecked the Irish capital. These anglophobes had no mandate and broke the Geneva Convention willy nilly 1916-21. This conflict blatantly involved people being killed. In fact it was only about 4 000 at that time. The United Kingdom’s response was very mild by the standards of the time. A few civilians were killed by the Crown Forces but the conduct of the Crown Forces was good overall. The 1918 election featured large scale intimidation and considerable cheating by only one party – Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein probably polled about 52% in that election – this is taking into account uncontested constituencies.

52% oddly is the same percentage polled by Brexit.

The United Kingdom had the absolute right to leave the EU as enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon. Unlike the Republic of Ireland the UK will not be compelled to vote again. Despite massive inequality of arms in favour of the Euro fanatics the eurosceptics one.

Clisaire observed that Jo Cox was murdered during the referendum campaign. The man who killed her was mentally ill. No one in the Leave Campaign called for any violence. Leave politicians have denounced the murder of Jo Cox MP as the crime it was.

Clissaire is right on some things. Ignorance and fear played a huge part in this campaign. The EU fear mongered.The EU spread disinformation about the British economy being due to implode if the UK declared independence. They suggested the UK would be less secure if it left the EU when the reverse is the case.

The UK has more expensive food not cheaper food due to the EU. This is the opposite of what Clisaire said.  That is the Common Agricultural Policy. The CAP is good for the Republic of Ireland but bad for the UK. The CAP dumps on developing countries’ markets and undercuts local producers.

The UK’s fishing fleet had been largely wiped out due to the Common Fisheries Policy.

The UK Government used public money to fund the Remain Campaign. Despite many massive advantages the Remain side still lost.

The EU is grossly profligate. It contributes to climate change by shifting the EU Parliament between Brussels and Strasbourg several times a year.

The EU has ripped people off for years. It has cheated by using taxpayers’ money to fund propaganda.

Clisaire complained about the need to erect a border. Republicans caused it to be erected. If it had not been across Ireland it would have been in the Irish Sea. Wherever it was it was republicans wanted a border and not unionists.

The EU produces reams of stupid and unfair legislation.

Massive immigration impacts on the UK and much less on the Republic of Ireland. Some rhetoric about excessive immigration has been intemperate. Clisaire says Romanian children are bullied because of this. Unfortunately this is true. I do not want anyone to be mistreated. No Leave politician has called for this to occur. Bullying is always contemptible. This is not an argument for remaining in the EU. The options on the ballot paper were Leave or Remain. There was no Bully or Not Bully option.

We could solve the situation by rejoining the UK.

Clisaire says the UK can get workers from 27 countries due to the EU. We can do that anyway. You can get people to come to your country from anywhere anyway.

We have always had immigration and emigration. We do not need to be in the EU.

As for trade –  we have traded with countries for millennia. We do not need to be in the EU. As for Ireland – we traded with the Romans in the Dark Ages. We do not need to be in the EU for commerce.

Nigel Farage cannot guarantee the money not sent to the EU will be spent on the NHS instead because UKIP is not in government. That Leave slogan about spending it on the NHS was a suggestion.

The UK can have free trade with the EU if the EU allows that. Yes, the United Kingdom has  one of the loudest voices in the EU because it has the second largest population in the EU.

She says ”the masses should not be allowed to vote on matters of grave economic importance”. This emphasises the anti democratic prejudices of arrogant EU fanatics. Why not outlaw voting altogether? All elections are partly about politics. How about people voting on Irish independence? Should people not have been permitted to vote on that? That ruined our economy. She wants NI to leave the UK and Scotland to leave it too. Would this be by referenda?


About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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  1. interesting. I am not knowledgeable about the UK to comment intelligently…so, I won’t. 🙂 It is helpful to read thoughtful and educated information, thanks! I am much amused by the comment about “the masses not being allowed to vote on matters of grave economic importance…” and might add that the “voting masses” may be one of the negatives about democracy. However, wild-eyed lunatics tend to reside among the other side as well. 🙂 I did take a fascinating basic course on the EU while a student at Cleveland State about 25 years ago…but that was just an elective and not really part of my bachelors’ History requirement.

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