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RIP Qandeel Balooch


Qandeel Balooch  was the princess of Pakistani social media. She epitomised Cosmopolitan’s term – fun, fearless, female. Qandeel was a sensation and an inspiration to all freedom loving people. While not a role model she is to be exalted for her valour and her joie de vivre.She was a famous Punjabi entertainer  and media personality.

Qandeel was not her real name. She was born in a village near Multan. Her family had little money but 9 children.  She wed at 17 and had a child. She was obliged to marry a man of her parents’ choosing. Her parents must have thought they were doing the right thing. Arranged marriages are the norm. Her loveless marriage soon broke up.

Qandeel dreamed big. She moved to the city and started to post videos on social media. Her screen allure and bubbly person soon caught the public eye. She was stylish and musical. She was a talented dancer and a decent singer. She kept in shape and wore some very provocative outfits.

Qandeel was soon dubbed the Kim Kardashian of Pakistan. Miss Balooch was soon well known for her daring outfits. She posed for some very saucy pics. She entered Pakistan Idol. She also featured in a pop video doing a very raunchy dance.

Despite having millions of followers she remained anonymous. She was able to go around in a chador and keep her real name secret. Even I had heard of this courageous starlet who challenged the conceit and hypocrisy of pharisees. She spread glee and posed some very worthwhile questions. Why shouldn’t women be allowed to have fun in public?

In a Western country her antics would be considered just a tiny bit cheeky. She was a young woman who lived to dress glamorously, dance and sing. If she wants to gyrate and to celebrate her sexuality – good for her. In Pakistan her behaviour was risque in the extreme. Qandeel was the gadfly of some of the po faced people in her country.

Qandeel Balooch met a well known cleric from Multan. She had needled him on a chat show previously. This time she posed for a video with him and even wore his hat. She was puncturing the pride of the clergy. Some of the religious establishment can be very full of themselves. They forget the humility and public service that their calling is supposed to embody.

If there was anything wrong about her encounter with the imam surely the blame is more on the imam. He is supposed to be a paragon on virtue. He makes a very good living from claiming to be pure. It is for him to set an example of morality. Qandeel never pretended to be anything other than a good time girl. The man went around saying – look at me I am a good person. Mr Holier than than should be judged and not her. She committed no sin. Wearing a man’s hat with his permission is no crime!

In her video Qandeel unwisely revealed she was from Multan. A local newspaper soon discovered her true identity. Her real name was then printed. It was only a matter of time before she was tracked down. She began to receive death threats. She became petrified and unable to sleep. She held a press conference. She pleaded the government to provide her with security. Unfortunately she did not feel abroad. She could have claimed asylum somewhere like Sweden.

Qandeel’s sort  behaviour can have grave consequences in Pakistan. By ”grave” I mean you can end up in the grave. Some men are affronted by her sexy dancing. The are vicious bigots who believe that the female body is disgusting and must be hidden. They savagely oppress women. Miss Balooch had the absolute right to do as she did. However, it was not advisable. She was not responsible for her death – she just made it more likely. If I am warned not to walk down a certain street at night and I walked down it and get mugged then it is not my fault I was mugged. I have simply made it more likely by being incautious. The muggers are at fault for  committing the crime against me.

Her brother felt disgraced by her conduct. He felt she had ruined the family’s name. Ironically he was the one who strangled her. Allegedly he had three accomplices.

This luckless woman lived the life she wanted. She was valiant in struggling for her rights. She wanted to have a good time. God gave her her body. If she wishes to show it off then that is up to her. She never harmed anyone.

She is not to blame for her murder. I lament her death. The world is poorer without her.

March on Rome.


Facsi di Combattimento founded 1919. ”voluntary militia for national s ecurity”


Fascists had been contesting elections

1921 Mussolini and some colleagues elected to Parliament

1922 fascist strength grew.

Popular Party organised national strike against fasicts. it failed.

Fighting in northern Italy. Fascists had broken strike at Alfa Romeo. They seized many key installations in the Po Valley.

Facta had decent relationship with d’Anunzio. getting him or organise a victry parade for 4 November.

Luigi Facta was PM . Liberal.

Some of royal family pro fascist

establishment figures felt they could control Mussolini.

Fear of commies.

Mussolini told rally in Naples that Fasicts planned to seize control. 24 october 1922

PM asked for martial law. King refused.

Mussolini invited to be PM. he arrived in Rome by train. supporters came later. March IN Rome.

This ended 29 October 1922. only 30 000 marched in rome.


Clisaire is wrong on Brexit.


She said it is offensive for Farage to talk about the United Kingdom becoming independent. He noted that this has been achieved without a shot being fired. She fulminated that it was wrong to compare this ”to having to bloodily and violently remove yourself from British rule.” This is wrong for several reasons. We did not HAVE to remove ourselves.  Most people in Ireland wanted Home Rule and we already had that on the statute book! Some ultra-nationalists in a democracy took it upon themselves to side with any enemy country in wartime – Germany – and start a conflict in Ireland. They wrecked the Irish capital. These anglophobes had no mandate and broke the Geneva Convention willy nilly 1916-21. This conflict blatantly involved people being killed. In fact it was only about 4 000 at that time. The United Kingdom’s response was very mild by the standards of the time. A few civilians were killed by the Crown Forces but the conduct of the Crown Forces was good overall. The 1918 election featured large scale intimidation and considerable cheating by only one party – Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein probably polled about 52% in that election – this is taking into account uncontested constituencies.

52% oddly is the same percentage polled by Brexit.

The United Kingdom had the absolute right to leave the EU as enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon. Unlike the Republic of Ireland the UK will not be compelled to vote again. Despite massive inequality of arms in favour of the Euro fanatics the eurosceptics one.

Clisaire observed that Jo Cox was murdered during the referendum campaign. The man who killed her was mentally ill. No one in the Leave Campaign called for any violence. Leave politicians have denounced the murder of Jo Cox MP as the crime it was.

Clissaire is right on some things. Ignorance and fear played a huge part in this campaign. The EU fear mongered.The EU spread disinformation about the British economy being due to implode if the UK declared independence. They suggested the UK would be less secure if it left the EU when the reverse is the case.

The UK has more expensive food not cheaper food due to the EU. This is the opposite of what Clisaire said.  That is the Common Agricultural Policy. The CAP is good for the Republic of Ireland but bad for the UK. The CAP dumps on developing countries’ markets and undercuts local producers.

The UK’s fishing fleet had been largely wiped out due to the Common Fisheries Policy.

The UK Government used public money to fund the Remain Campaign. Despite many massive advantages the Remain side still lost.

The EU is grossly profligate. It contributes to climate change by shifting the EU Parliament between Brussels and Strasbourg several times a year.

The EU has ripped people off for years. It has cheated by using taxpayers’ money to fund propaganda.

Clisaire complained about the need to erect a border. Republicans caused it to be erected. If it had not been across Ireland it would have been in the Irish Sea. Wherever it was it was republicans wanted a border and not unionists.

The EU produces reams of stupid and unfair legislation.

Massive immigration impacts on the UK and much less on the Republic of Ireland. Some rhetoric about excessive immigration has been intemperate. Clisaire says Romanian children are bullied because of this. Unfortunately this is true. I do not want anyone to be mistreated. No Leave politician has called for this to occur. Bullying is always contemptible. This is not an argument for remaining in the EU. The options on the ballot paper were Leave or Remain. There was no Bully or Not Bully option.

We could solve the situation by rejoining the UK.

Clisaire says the UK can get workers from 27 countries due to the EU. We can do that anyway. You can get people to come to your country from anywhere anyway.

We have always had immigration and emigration. We do not need to be in the EU.

As for trade –  we have traded with countries for millennia. We do not need to be in the EU. As for Ireland – we traded with the Romans in the Dark Ages. We do not need to be in the EU for commerce.

Nigel Farage cannot guarantee the money not sent to the EU will be spent on the NHS instead because UKIP is not in government. That Leave slogan about spending it on the NHS was a suggestion.

The UK can have free trade with the EU if the EU allows that. Yes, the United Kingdom has  one of the loudest voices in the EU because it has the second largest population in the EU.

She says ”the masses should not be allowed to vote on matters of grave economic importance”. This emphasises the anti democratic prejudices of arrogant EU fanatics. Why not outlaw voting altogether? All elections are partly about politics. How about people voting on Irish independence? Should people not have been permitted to vote on that? That ruined our economy. She wants NI to leave the UK and Scotland to leave it too. Would this be by referenda?

People do not want a united Ireland.


The nationalist myth is rejected by the majority of people in both parts of Ireland.

Notice how the majority of Catholics in the North – 52% want to stay in the UK.

Only 13% of people in the North wanted to leave the UK and join the Republic.

Nationalists point to the majority of people in the republic seeking a united Ireland in the long term. That is because they are not wanting it for real. If you really want it then demand it now. Why wait? If it is desirable – get it now.

For so long people paid lip service to this shibboleth: that Ireland ought to be one. Now it is clear that most people do not wish for this to occur. We have only ever been united in connection with England and Wales and sometimes Scotland.

The Union is winning.  Ireland can be reunited in two directions. We should seek readmission to the UK. Would the UK take us back? That is a moot point.

The Republic of Ireland should rejoin the UK.


The DUP has been launched in the Republic of Ireland. The Democratic Unionist Party is campaigning for the republic to be dissolved and for the South of Ireland to correct the mistake of 95 years ago. We should seek readmission to the UK. This is the best and indeed the only option in the wake of Brexit.

In a  bid to wrongfoot the DUP one journalist asked why there was not united GB and Ireland party. There are more Irish people in GB than there are British people in Ireland. It depends how one defines British. 10% of people in the Republic are British citizens. Most of them are also Irish citizens too. Everyone in Northern Ireland is entitled to be a citizen of the UK and of the Republic of Ireland. Some have claimed dual citizenship. More are citizens of the UK than are Irish citizens. Again, the only logical thing to do is for us to rejoin the UK.

Sectarianism is over. There is no anti Irish sentiment in GB. There is no discrimination. There is no reason not to join.

If we are readmitted to the UK it will not diminish our Irish identity. There is Irish written in British passports.

We the people of Ireland are for the most part ethnically British. That is not to say we are not Irish. We are one of the peoples of the British Isles. We are Welsh, Scots and English and they are Irish. There are new Irish people such as Ghanean Irish people and Filipino Irish people and they belong to our country to.

To avoid any chance of a border being re-erected in Ireland would should apply to be let back into the UK. This is for economic reasons as well as for security reasons. The EU is stagnant at best. We face massive immigration that we cannot cope with if we remain inside the failed and undemocratic EU.

Let us keep the best of our former independent state. Retain the Tricolour under which so much glory has been achieved. Let us keep the Gardai with their unforms and nomenclature. Let us keep the army as distinctive units within the British Army. We could keep the national anthem to be played alongside God Save the Queen. We could have a directly elected First Minister living in Phoenix Park. Or instead the President could be Governor-General. He or she could be popularly elected. The UK constitution is very flexible and open to innovation. We could even keep the title president for the person in the Aras. The Irish language can keep its current status.


Is patriotism bad?


It can be. Any belief system can become pernicious if carried to an extreme.

Patriotism or nationalism can be distasteful. It can cause people to screen out unwelcome information and to inflate or invent information that flatters their nation.

People are wont to think the best of their country. The tend to exaggerate their country’s achievements bigly. At the same time they are likely to overlook or downplay its defeat and its wrongdoings.

Nationalism can make people blinkered. The ”my country right or wrong” attitude will excuse and allow many crimes.

Think of your country at war against another. It is tempting to imagine that your country is in the right. It is improbable that your country is TOTALLY in the right. There probably never was a war in which one nation’s rectitude was unalloyed and another’s turpitude was complete. This relates not only to casusi belli but also conduct in the war. People are minded to believe the propaganda of their own side even when they have some doubts about it. They are inclined to disbelieve the propaganda of their enemy. Let us remind ourselves what propaganda is. Propaganda is publicity notable for its selectivity and overstatements. It does not have to include out and out lies but it often does include such lies.

Countries tend to remember their victories with great fanfare. They are not so eager to dwell on their defeats. Reading English History books I read very detailed accounts of the Hundred Years’ War. The battles of Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt were recounted in immense depth. One would have been forgiven for imagining that the English prevailed. The English lost but this was de-emphasised. The times the French vanquished the English were mentioned only in passing. The battles of Patay and Formigny are scarcely known in England.

The trouble with nationalism is confirmation bias. People often seek out sources to reinforce their opinions whether these be religious or political. They seldom confront sources which furnish them with unattractive information or countervailing views.

Think of parents and their children. Parents commonly think highly of their children and overrate them. They seize upon flattering reports and dismiss critical ones. If someone makes a well founded criticism of the child some parents savage the person who wrote the report.

Nationalism is very emotive. Emotion is reason’s foe. It is very difficult for people to be objective when their blood is up. Anthems, flags, national heroes, fetes, sports matches and commemorations make nationalism keep a very strong purchase on the heart.

It takes immense moral courage and great wisdom to look at one’s country with a critical eye. Sometimes one’s country has taken the wrong side in the war. Occasionally one’s compatriots have committed a horrendous crime. Excessive solidarity leads to covering up of the atrocity or even denial of its commission. This is why closed mindedness can be a wicked thing. Loyalty can be a vice. The difficulty is that is this crime is frankly admitted the enemy will exploit it to the maximum and enormously inflate the figures and report it with such prominence and frequency as to tarnish the reputation of one’s country.

Chauvinism is nefarious and it is behind many massacres. It is distasteful to say that one’s country is the most magnificent. Is any country the best? Italy has the most alluring lifestyle. This is a matter of opinion. The Netherlands is perhaps the freest country and Switzerland is the most civilised. Ireland is a cultural super power. Our attainments relatives to our small population are gigantic and perhaps unsurpassed. The United Kingdom has many tremendous achievements in science and culture but also has many failings in terms of over regulation and unfair laws.

Nationalism should not blind one to one’s own nations faults.

It is a commendable thing to be self-critical. This shows a certain detachment and sagacity. However, some people go overboard. There is such a thing as attention seeking perversity. Some contrarians disparage their own country too much and pooh-pooh its accomplishments.

Some people are so eager to demonstrate their open mindedness that they are overly harsh on their own country. Intemperate criticism of one’s homeland is not apposite either. Some people excoriate their nation and they think that this is a reason for self-congratulation and smugness. If people can take the emotion out of it a more sensible judgment can be arrived at.

When I heard nationalistic music I am fired up. It is adrenaline in sound. I am pumped with testosterone. I hear drums thumping in my head. My heart is pounding. Reason be damned! I am a swivel eyed warmonger. This explains the dangerously seductive power of nationalism.

Ethno-nationalism is distasteful. Civic nationalism is to be welcomed.

Nationalism can be a healthy thing when kept within some limits. It is encourages a civic spirit that is commendable. A friendly rivalry between countries is fun and harmless.

1850 compromise. A Level History


This is about origins of the American Civil War.


california admitted as a state

some land taken off texas. a slave state. Texas dropped its claim to new mexico.

popular sovereignty to decide slavery issue in futute states.  Utah and New Mexico were both territories.

slave trade was banned  but not slavery itself in washington dc.

pro slavery people disliked the end of slave trade in washington DC.

fugutive slave act enhanced. people to be required to assist in arresting runaway slaves and returning them


Uncle Tom’s Cabin had led up to this.

wILLIam Henry Seward a northrn Whog opposed the compromise as giving too much to slave power

John c calhoun a southern extremist also opposed it.

Henry clay of kentucky a whig was also behind compromise.

senator stpehen douglas (democrat)  was behind compromise