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How UK will benefit from Brexit.

  1. sovereignty. no more ECHR. ECJ. ECHR solely advisory.

fewer foolish and unjust laws. bent bananas. gibraltar shootings.


2. less waste. brussels to strasbourgh . CAP CFP.


3. No more bailouts paid for.


4.less red tape.


5. No more provoking russia. excessive expansion. libyan war.



Trump is heading for a heavy defeat.


On paper Trump had a lot going for him. He was a billionaire and to some extent he was self-made. Americans like winners. He had cross party links having previously been a Democrat. He comes from the third largest state. His mother is an immigrant as are two of his wives. He is old enough but not too old. He does not appear to be infirm. His name recognition is second to none. Trump is from outside the Beltway in that he has never sought office.

Trump was lucky in having Hillary as an opponent. She is as old as him so she cannot say he is too aged to be president. She is detested by huge sections of the public. Her husband is also reviled by some. Her serial dishonesty is notorious. She is very much establishment politician so he can attack her on that angle. She is abominated by the religious right – a core constituency for any Republican.

Donald Trump in some ways faced an uphill battle. The Democrats have the White House but they have not had it so long that people are sick of them. The economy is performing nicely. There are no major wars. There are no grave crises. Obama has decent approval ratings and is active in campaigning for Mrs Clinton.

Trump blew it for himself. He swears at political rallies. He insults people for being overweight despite being obese himself. He is childish, sulky, ill-tempered and grossly dishonest. He constantly changes policy positions. He openly disagrees with his running mate. He had said he would commit sex crimes. He never issues fulsome apologies. He openly sympathises with countries hostile to the USA. He wants to tear up 70 years of American security policy on NATO and nuclear non proliferation. He appears to think nuclear weapons are toys. He always boasts about his lack of compassion. He is staggeringly ill-informed on international affairs. He is extremely egotistical and often boasts that he is the best at everything.

Trump is a loser in every sense. He has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in failed business deals. He expects the poor to pay tax but has not paid it himself in 20 years. He refused to release his tax returns. Every presidential candidate since Kennedy has released tax returns.

Donald Trump spreads hatred against ethnic and religious minorities. He incites violent crime. It occurs and he carries on encouraging people to commit such crimes.

Trump beggars belief. I wish him a heart attack. He is by far the most despicable person who has stood for the president. He embodies everything that is wrong with America. From conceit, to dishonesty, to racism, to glorifying cruelty, to stupidity, to obesity. He is ineffably repulsive. The list is endless.

The bad news is he will not do that badly. I would that he was annihilated. He will lost by at least 8 points. He questions the fairness of the polling. He is such a baby he cannot accept it when he loses. He disbelieves hard evidence that he finds unpalatable. This goes for poll figures. More Republicans have abjured him since he is dragging them down.

The Democrats will win the Senate 60 seats to 40 seats. In the House the Democrats will win by 20. The Democrats will have 30 governors after this. Republicans deserve to do far worse. This inexpressibly loathsome demagogue Trump deserves 0%. I knew there were bone headed bigots in the USA. I did not think it was 40% of the population.


EU Mission to Mars; no thanks


The EU has many urgent needs. A mission to Mars is not one of them. Greece may need another bailout. The EU is trying to form an army. There is massive illegal immigration. Many EU states have terrifyingly large deficits. The PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) still suffer from massive unemployment. Among the young this is beyond massive. We need to turn to green energy.

The USA already has missions to Mars. It is wasteful for the United States too. There is no need for the EU to copy such profligacy. It is part of the EU’s small man syndrome. The European Union often tries and fails to rival the United States.

The EU is better than the USA in terms of dealing with poverty and providing healthcare. We have a far lower murder rate and a better human rights situation. Why do EU fanatics feel impelled to take on the US in space? Let the United States splurge money on vainglorious NASA programmes.  There is no evidence of life on Mars. If there were very useful minerals on Mars it might be worth it.

This mission to Mars is grossly wasteful. Even if we could find something useful there it is not necessary that we go now. We could wait years until our economy is in healthier shape. To do so now is terrible folly. It is symptomatic of the EU’s childish megalomania. The improvidence of this project is scandalous. We need to husband out scarce resources and not squander them on ostentation. It is partly about building a European identity.

We could spend more on NATO so we would provide a realistic deterrent to Russia invading the Baltic republics.

History GCSE Magna Carta.



  1. Background.

King John had been king since 1199.

John losing a war against France. Heavy tax to fund war. Tax illegally without consent of Parliament. Withheld inheritance. imprisoned people for not paying. Took hostages. Denied and delayed justice.

Feudal system.


2. Revolt

Simon de Montfort – Earl of Leicester.

Barons were landowners. Posh men.

They wanted not to pay too much tax. Not to have justice withheld. They wanted scutage to be limited.


3. Negotiation.

Archbishop of Canterbury suggested negotiation.

John met barons at Runnymede. Near Windsor

Document sealed not signed

Rights granted or re granted. Not to delay justice. Fair trials. Right to property.

Nothing about democracy, voting or parliament. Only applied to free men


4. Means Great Charter.

Became v significant afterwards.


5. John repudiated it the next year. Duress. Pope backed John.

John died in 1216. His son Henry III reissued it.