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Samsh and Grab: Radio Station.


An APC drew up half a mile from the radio station. Simon Fell in his frogman’s outfit waddled the few metres the river beside the road. He lowered his mask and gave a thumbs up. There had been a rainstorm the night before. Stagnant puddles lay around. He awkwardly stepped into the muddy stream.

His comrades Earl Dibdin, Tejprasad Rai,  Ian Alexander had all got out of the APC and returned the thumbs up gesture. They all wore khaki shirts and khaki shorts as well as webbing. The driver Dirk Coen reamined in the APC as driver.

A minute later he was swimming up the river towards the gate to the radio station gate.

The others felt curiously tranquil. An overflowing bin of rotten food offended their olfactory senses. Dibdin reflected that at least the stink took their minds off the danger.

”They’ll never see him coming” chuckled Alexander. He took off his helmet a minute to let his head cool. He was 6’1” and spare. His thick black hair was short and very carefully brushed. Alexander was muscular despite his slim frame and every inch the sergeant. He had a pointy nose and slightly rubicund skin. His brown eyes gleamed at the prospect of victory.

”We will be in there in a minute” said Rai in a thick Nepali accent. ”We do this against communist in Malaya. Send frogman in the river to surprise sentry. Many times big success.” Rai was 5’4”. His face was round and flat. His brown eyes were very hooded. His calves seemed to be far too thick for his diminutive body. It was clear that beneath his shirt lay rock hard muscle. ”He kill them silent. Sometimes I do it” he cackled and tapped the sheathed kukri knife on his belt.

”Is you some sort of Red Injun?” said Dibdin.

”No I am Nepali”

”Nepal?” said Dibdin quizzically. ”That an Injun tribe?”

”We are near to the India. We are not tribals.”

”You are an Injun. Sure some of my buddies are part Indian” said Dibdin.

Alexander had to suppress a smirk at them talking cross purposes.

”We are people of hills. We not Indian. They take out land but some of our people now West Bengal – Darjeeling side . Simla was Nepal now India take.”

They did not have more time for the geographical misunderstanding.

A burst of khalashnikov fire punctured the calm.

”Oh shit they got him” said Dibdin.

”I am no too sure about that. But even if they no got him the alarm is raised” said Alexander. ”Get back in the APC the noo – we gotta storm it” he yelled.

They all leapt back into the vehicle which sped off.

As the APC sped up to the gate they saw two sentries had turned flood lights on and were bent over the corpse of a frog man. The sentries looked up at the sound of the approaching vehicle. The metal wire gate was padlocked. They froze. Friend or foe? They raised their khalashnikoves but did not fore – unsure what to do.

The APC’s machinegun in the turret sprayed the two sentries. One took a blast in the head and fell dead. The other cried out in pain – clearly wounded and dived for cover. He crawled into the bushes and was not seen again.

The APC burst through the gate and gunned up to the radio station building.

As they approached they noticed an upper floor window was open. Someone was firing at their vehicle.

”Drive up the steps” Alexander ordered.

”Up the steps?”

”Up the fucking steps” Alexander said agitated. ”No sense in parking out front where that man upstairs can shoot us. Smash into the fucking door.”

Five very broad steps lead up from the land to the door of the building. There was a flat area under a portico in front of the door.

The APC drove up the steps and rammed into the door – breaking it wide open. The stone pillars made sure the APC could not drive into the building – it was too wide.

”Out now – go” ordered Alexander. Dibdin, Rai all leapt out.

Alexander said to the drive. Reverse – now use the machinegun to keep that sniper upstairs covered.

”Got it. I will reverse and use the GPMG on the sniper.”

”Aye” said Alexander. He and his men then dashed into the building. The looked for the stairs – right in front of them.

Across the lobby they saw the stairs. Alexander ran towards them.

”COme on move it” he said as Dibdin lagged behind. They noticed that there was a balcony on the first floor allowing people on it to view the ground floor.

After a few seconds they heard their GPMG opening fire from outside – keeping the sniper upstairs pinned down.

Alexander reached the foot of the stairs. ”Up the stair” he shouted and ran up himself.

Just then Alexander heard a blaze of AK 47 fire. He swivelled around to see Dibdin falling. Dibdin recovered himself slightly and aimed upwards -shooting haphazardly. A second burst of gunfire made him fall on his chest.

No time for him – Alexander thought.

Alexander came to the top of the stairwell. In the dark he made out the figure of a soldier 10 metres away. Alexander fired in his direction but clearly  missed – the man did not fall or cry out. The soldier pulled his trigger. His magazine was empty. The Bornoese soldier turned and opened the door of a room – locking it behind him.

Alexander dashed toward the door. He stood by the wall and aimed his weapon at the lock – shooting it off deftly.

Alexander then pulled a grenade out of his webbing – removed the pin and counted to two before rolling it along the floor into the room. Alexander went back behind the wall and turned away crouching. As soon as he had got into position he heard an almighty explosion.

As dust billowed out of the room he went in – firing blindly. His eyes were stung by dust. He spluttered.

”Sir it is me Rai” Alexander heard Rai’s voice behind him.

”You are a bit fucking late sonny.”

”I got to see Dibdin. Dibdin dead sir.”

”I knew that. Doesnae fucking matter. Mission first then see about the wounded.”

The dust cleared and they saw that there was no one in the room. The window at the far end was wide open.

”Sneaky fucker must have jumped out. Good luck to him.”

”He brave man” said Rai.

”Right – Rai you know where the broadcast room is. You have studied the plan.”

”Yes sir I know. ”

”All right – you go there. I am going to APC – radio commander. ”

”Yes, sir. said Rai.

”And do not turn the lights on just in case there are more of the fuckers about. That man who escaped might be back.”

”Yes , sir” said Rai ”I understanding.”

Alexander hurried downstairs and out to the APC.

”Open up its Alexander.”

”Yes, sir.” said the driver.

Alexander hopped in. Only then did he realise he was breathing heavily.

He got on the radio.

”Radio party to commander. Repeat radio party to commander. Radio station is secured by us. Repeat we have the radio station. Send hostages. Over”

Five miles away at the airport Philipps received the message.

”Sterling work Radio party. You have taken the radio station?  Over”

”Affirmative. We have the radio station.  Over”

”Ok – I will send the hostages. Expect them in 10 minutes.  Over ”

”Understood sir. You will send the hostages. Sir, we need reinforcements. Fell was killed, Dibdin was killed sir. Request reinforcements. Over ”

”What Fell is dead? Dibdin’s dead? over”

”Yes, sir Both dead. Over”

”Oh shit. Poor Fell. Well Dibdin is no loss. Ok APC bringing the hostages will stay with you. We need that radio station. Over.”

”Over and out.”

”Out” said Philipps.



Smash and Grab. The Bank.


An APC pulled up outside the bank. Two sentries stood outside it and looked bemused at the APC’s appearance. One of the sentries had normal proportions reversed – he was as wide as a normal man is tall and as tall as a normal man is wide. This was Kona’s Army.

Gark’s voice from the APC shouted ”Open the door of the bank now or we open fire.”

”We do not have any keys” , said one of the sentries.

”Open it now”. shouted the Gark.

”I told you we do not have the keys”, the man was sounding more scared.

”Show me the keys now.”

”We are not given any keys.” The sentry wracked his brains. Should he run? Should he fire?

”You got give seconds to show me the keys”, said the voice.

One sentry opened fired on the APC and the other ran for his life.

The APC returned fire and shot dead the fatso sentry. The other darted into undergrowth near the bank. Desultory firing in his direction yielded no result. He got clean away.

The sentries really did not have keys.

The APC then opened the bank door by means of a small shell. The explosion reverberated around the concrete buildings of Borno Town.  There had been two more soldiers inside the bank. Poor bastards had been too purblind to leg it. Why were they dying for Kona’s loot? One of the sentries – lay dying.  The other was crawling away wounded. Gark stood over them and coolly put them out of their misery.

Four men piled out of the APC. They were James Henry, Joshua Shooter, Adrian Gark and Chavey.

James Henry was in his mid 30s and a little below normal height. He had a receding hair line – what mid brown hair he had was very tight. He had flaky skin and a disprportionately small nose. His facial expression was always a semi-sneer.

Joshua Shooter had dark blond hair and was coming up for 40. He was lithe and had a pale face, blue piggy eyes and a very earnest manner. He was missing a middle finger on his right hand – amputated. The others were tactful enough not to ask.

Chavey had a head that was too narrow for his body. He had a red birthmark on his forehead. He was self-conscious which is possibly what meant he was permanently in a foul mood.

All four had rucksacks on. James Henry  picked up the dead soldier’s AK 47 and placed it in the APC.

The four coupsters then dashed into the bank. They sidestepped the fresh corpses. Chavey jeered at the dead – he was that sort of person. Nothing could induce him to feel compassion for another.  Once Chavey had expressed his disdain for the dead Henry spat on them – he was very suggestible. Gark felt these two were warped but decided not to say anything – unit must be cohesive. One of the dead men had a withered left arm – this was the sort of man Kona let into the army.

The quickly found the vault. Gark then nimbly placed his charges around the door.

”I have stolen from a few vaults before. I never stolen a whole fucking country” he chuckled. ”Right gelignite is in the right place. I am lighting it boys. You best start running to the far end of the bank and duck down behind something. I will be just behind you.”

The three others hurried off.

In a moment Gark too scampered. He crouched behind a desk that he had noticed was built into the wall. He lay down with his legs together – he did not want any flying debris getting his wedding tackle. He placed his hands over his ears and waited. It was not five seconds before a boom rocked the bank.

Masonry and dusted wafted out of the room where the vault lay.  They were half blind for a moment and temporarily deafened. Their ears rang as though they were listening to a loud speaker being tuned in. Gark was soon on his field and walked briskly towards the vault.

”You three. Look lively. We got some cash to collect.”

Along came Chavey, ”Nice withdrawal”, he laughed. They saw shelves piled high with

”What’s this stuff” said James Henry looking in puzzlement at some purple banknotes with Kona’s face on it. Henry looked through a bundle of banknotes – they were all numbered sequentially. This was a country with many destitute people – he had seen shacks by the road and yet the government went to the trouble of having bank notes piled up in order of their serial number. Perverse priorities these commies have.

”Oh fuck that  – that is Borno money. Get the greenbacks. At the double!”

The men stooped down and began scooping wads of dollars into their rucksacks. Within a minute they had poured out the contents of their rucksacks into the APC and were back for  refill.

Another APC was behind theirs. Four men got out and stood guard around the bank.

Within 5 minutes the bank had been emptied of dollars and the APCs sped to the airport.

”If this does not come off then at least we got the loot” said Chavey. He looked forward to celebrating with a goosestep. The stench of money  – nothing he liked better. Should he really hand it all over? He could easily conceal a bit on his person. He would never be searched. Philipps and Sani could hardly afford to shoot another man.






Smash and Grab. The Airport.




The convoy drove up the drive to the airport. Philipps had ordered 30 miles per hour. Neither too fast nor too slow to seem suspicious.

”Now we have killed Kona the others will leave the regime high and dry” said Sani eagerly.

”I would not be so sure” said Philipps.

”But the commies put all their eggs in one basket. There is no successor. Kona took out anyone who could have become president.”

Sani tried to distract himself from the grimness of the situation. Victory did not seem such a safe bet. He decided to think about some of his wide ranging interests. He summoned up Hungarian Dance number 5 in his mind. He imagined himself in his chambers engaging in witty conversation with m’learned friends – subtly introducing his wish to be made a silk.  Once he was president he would re introduce horse hair wigs in Borno’s courts. Kona had got rip of them just to epater le bourgeois. Marxist vandalism. There would be none of the dogmatism in education. None of the stubbornness in the arts that it all had to be about class struggle.

The two sentries on the gate were suspicious. The airport did not open till 6 am.

An APC was in front. Laertes was in the passenger seat in Bornoese Army major’s uniform.

The convoy slowed down and stopped as the lead APC reached the sentries.

Laertes slowly wound down his window. This being the time before automatic windows in cars.

”Good evening major” said the boyish sentry saluting. He had noticed Laertes putative rank.

”Good evening. Open the gate please.”

”I am sorry major we have been told not to open the gate except if ordered to by HQ.”, he said assiduously.

”Yes, HQ sent me to order you to open it” he said resonantly. Laertes noticed that the order of Kona had been bestowed on the soldier – a pin with Kona’s likeness on it adorned the soldier’s lapel.

”No can do sir. I am sorry. We need orders by phone from the officer on duty at HQ. That is Major Biya tonight.” His voice was incongruously grave for one so young.

”Major Biya told me to say you must open it.”

”Sir, I am sorry but I cannot do that. I have my orders.” There was a reek of arrogance from him. Laertes could not help but admire this man – he refused to be browbeaten.

”Private, I am giving you a direct order. Do you want to be charged with insubordination?” There was irritation in Laertes’ tone and the volume was rising.

”Sir, I am following orders. Sir, I know all the majors here and I do not recognise you” said the sentry growing doubtful of Laertes.  He tentatively felt for the safety catch of his weapon.

Laertes had his handgun with silencer at the read. It was out of sight of the sentry. He was forced to move early. He raised it to head height and shot the sentry three times in the face. The sentry fell back on the road but was not dead.

The other sentry saw what happened and took his AK 47 off his shoulder. He moved to aim it at Laertes. Before he could open fire one of the coupsters did. Through the gun port of the lead vehicle Perkins gave the sentry a burst of 10 bullets in the chest. The sentry lay dead.

”Shit there goes the element of surprise” said Laertes as the report of the gunfire echoed around.

”What I supposed to do? I was saving your ass” said Perkins.

”You did the right thing” said Laertes.

The lead APC then revved up and smashed through the locked gate.

Did we really have to shoot – thought Sani. Shooting seemed to be a compulsion for Laertes. Sani was reminding himself this was no game. But no – do not reflect on the enormity of what was done, the carnage in the palace. Just focus on the next step. He could not rebuke Laertes – there was no way around firing.

The vehicles sped up to the terminal building. The men in the lead vehicle hopped out. They shot the locks off the doors and forced their way into the building.

Simms was wounded in the left hand by a richochet from one of his comrades’ bullets.

The airport building was dark. Their voices echoed in its emptiness. Four men rushed towards where they knew the control tower to be.

The reached the stairwell of the control tower. Wynn, Perkins, Timms and Laertes were there. As they looked up the stairs as soldier at the top of the stairs fired a burst.

Wynn received several bullets. Some hit his chest and were blocked by his flak jacket but three bullets hit his arm. He yelled in pain and fell down bleeding heavily.

Laertes returned fire with an AK 47. The soldier disappeared around the corner.

”Cover me” said Perkins.

”Ok said Laertes” who kept firing intermittently at where his enemy had been. Perkins ran to the top of the stairs. He took a grenade out of his webbing. He pulled the pin and counted to two before flinging it around the corner.

Two seconds later an ear splitting explosion put paid to the control tower;s defender.

Perkins then rounded the corner. He say his enemy dead and a terrified air traffic controller concussed.

”The room is clear” Perkins shouted down.

Simms and Laertes ran up the stairs.

Laertes announced. ”Excellent. We got it.”

”Hey where’s Wynn?” said Perkins.

”He’s done there wounded. Losing blood fast.”

”Oh shit. I didn’t even notice. I was was concentrating on nailing this bastard” he nodded at the soldier’s corpse.


As four men had secured the terminal building another APC had raced across the tarmac towards the air force hangar. Inside were Blakelock, Coen, Messing and Dibdin. A sentry behind sandbags was agitated when he heard the sound of gunfire. A minute later two more men from the air force barracks had joined him armed still dressed in pyjamas but armed.

”What the hell is going on?” said the first sentry. Their jaws dropped to see APCs running towards them. The first sentry vainly opened fire on the APC. His bullets bounced off its armour like hailstones off ice. The machinegun in the turret then picked him out and gave him a generous burst. So many bullets his the same point in his chest that it cut through his bullet proof vest and he fell dead.

Another soldier ran for his life back towards the hangar. He too was cut down by machinegun fire.

The third sentry sagely ducked down behind the sandbags. He took some fresh blood from his friend’s corpse and smeared it on himself to play dead.

The men on the APC sped towards the hangar – raking it with bullets as they approached. They pulled up at the air force barracks beside the hangar. Four men jumped out and thundered up the stairs. They burst into the dormitory and captured a dozen hazy airmen in various states of undress. A couple of them were tanked up. The Bornoese Air Force was then locked in a basement.

The APC at the hanger radioed back. ”Hangar to commander, Hangar to commander  – the air force is secured. The air force is secured. Over ”

Philipps received the message. ” Commander receiving. Commander receiving. Well done. Do you have any casualties? Over”

”No casualties. Repeat we sustained no casualties. Over”

”Yes” shouted Philipps. He was still sitting in an APC outside the terminal building. ”We will send pilots over now. Repeat we are sending pilots over now in another APC. Over.”

”We are ready to receive the pilots. We expect them to arrive in an APC. Over.”

”I will order them to go now. Expect them in 2 minutes. Over and out.”

”Over and out” said Hangar.

”Looks like they do not need reinforcements after all” said Philipps to Sani who sat beside him.

”Brilliant” said Sani ebulliently. ”I want to lead the assault on the bank.”

”Don;t be silly. This is not  a Boys’ Own Adventure. We cannot risk you. Should not have risked you at the palace but I thought you and Laertes were the only ones who could play the part. ”

”But I want to. The men will doubt your courage.”

”So what? You are here to be a president not a hero. We need you alive. If you get killed our goal will be a lot more difficult to achieve.”

”Philipps – this is my coup.”

”Well I am the military commander. You do the politics. I am ordering you not to take part in the attack on the bank.”

”All right then” he was crestfallen.

”Right. I am going into the terminal. We have to prepare to defend this place. It is only a matter of time before the army tries to re-take it. I cannot believe nothing has come over the scanners already.”

”The army has no initiative” said Sani ”that is Soviet training for you. They do not want responsibility. They cover their arses. Never do anything without orders.”

”I see” said Philipps stepping out of the vehicle. He strode into the terminal building.

There lay Wynn on the floor unconscious for lack of blood. Even in the semi- darkness the unnatural palour on Wynn’s face as apparent.  Dr Murphy lay over him getting bandages out.

”Commander – the other fellas brought Wynn here. He took bullets in the arm – hit an artery. I might not be able to save him” said Murphy.  ”Only hope is if someone donates blood like right now. I could do a transfusion.”

”Don’t even bother.”

”What? Sir. You are saying not to save him”

”Don’t waste your time. Simms is wounded in the hand. Tend to him.”

”Sir but maybe I can save this man.”

”Murphy – leave Wynn alone. Let the fucker die. He raped kids. Little kids. Let him die. Go and look after Simms.”

”Well if that’s your order”

”It is. Do it now” he said with a low menace.

Murphy stood up and walked towards Simms who was standing guard by the door – a handgun in his unwounded paw. Simms was flattered to be attended while Wynn was gravely wounded. Simms despised Wynn so was delighted to watch him die of exsanguination.

The pilots were soon in the cockpits of planes and helicopters awaiting orders. There was a barracks ripe for bombing.

There was a rocky ridge not far from the airport. Philipps thought of the enemy set up snipers there we will be in trouble -a few of them spread out could not all be taken out by planes.

Sani and Philipps ensconced themselves in the control tower. Sani was enthralled by the controls.

After a couple of hours the corpses outside the hangar were fly blow and malodorous. Philipps had to order his men to bury the bodies near the perimeter.






Smash and grab. cast of characters.


”1. Johesephat Weston. African-American from Georgia. US Air Force pilot. Served in the Second World War. Honourable discharge.

2.Hamilcar Cory from New Hampshire, USA. A WASP. He is also ex US Air Force. Honourable discharge.

3. Patrick O’Kelly from Massachusetts. Ex US Navy pilot. Dishonourable discharge – flew a civilian plan to smuggle cannabis from Mexico on his days off.

4. Methusaleh Perkins. African-American from Texas. ex-US Marine sergeant major. Sharpshooter. Honourable discharge.——————-

5. James Henry. Canadian Grenadier Guards. Sharp shooter.———————

6. Joshua Shooter from Belfast. Sergeant. Dishonourable discharge from Royal Irish Rangers for Supplying arms to the UVF. Explosives expert.—————

7. Joseph Murphy from Cork, Ireland. Served as a doctor in the Irish Army. Dishonourable discharge and a five year prison sentence for providing illegal abortions. Struck off the medical register.—————————-

8. Ian Alexander; Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Sergeant. He has plenty of experience with Armoured personnel carriers.—————————

9. Nick Watt. Served as a corporal in the King’s Liverpool Regiment. He has also served a couple of years for being a cat burglar.———————-

10. Dean Tomkins. Was a sergeant in the Grenadier Guards. He has lately been an enforcer for the Richardson Gang. – KILLED by Philipps

11. Michael Woodley. RAF Flying Officer. He was dishonourably discharged for using his plane to fly his girlfriend to Paris.

12. Thaddeus M’tmwari. Kenyan Air Force. Wing Commander just retired.

13. Peter Birch. Corporal in the Parachute Regiment. Dishonourable discharge for rape. – KILLED in Palace————————

14. Simon Fell. Corporal in the Grenadier Guards. Just got out of prison for armed robbery. – Shot dead at radio station. 

15. Adrian Gark. Was a Guardsman in the Coldstream. Getaway driver for bank robberies.————————–

16. Richard Slim. Royal Navy diver. Car thief.

17. Robert Chavey. Canadian Grenadiers. He is a medic and a marksman.————————-

18. Raj Gupta. Was a flying officer in the Indian Air Force.———————-

19. Tejprasad Rai. Gurkha sergeant-major.

20. Earl Dibdin Was a captain in the US cavalry. He is nice once you get past his racist views.  Shot dead at radio station.———————–

21. Dirk Coen. He is a Belgian who served in the French Foreign Legion. He fled the Netherlands when he was wanted for murder.——————-

22. Hans Stoiber. Luftwaffe pilot.

23. Harmutt von Posch. Lieutenant in Kommando Krafte Spezial – that’s West German special forces. He was booted out for pro Nazi sympathies.

24 Godwin Akabi. Nigerian Air Force pilot.———————-

25. Samad Ibundun. Nigerian Army chopper pilot.

26. Albert Messing. ex Australian SAS. Questioned for a double murder in Sydney. Murder charges dropped for lack of evidence. But he told me he did them.——————————-

27. Albert Blakelock. Half Maori. Served in the Grenadiers. Discharged for striking an officer.

28. Hugh Thompson. Army Air Corps subaltern – helicopter pilot.

29. Tomasz Jerka. Was a pilot in the Czechoslovak Air Force. Defected. Unemployed.

30. Lim Chuk Ling. He was in the Guomindang Air Force. Then he was a pilot for the triads in Hong Kong.

31. Ramazan Gul Pakistan Air Force pilot. Flies both planes and choppers.—————-

32. Trevor Ludd. Ex Royal Marines. Frogman.

33. Jonathon Wynn. Ex Royal Navy. Dishonourable discharged for molesting pre pubescent girls. Scuba diver. – KILLED in airport————————–

34. Josiah Simms. African-American, ex US Army helicopter pilot. Honourable discharge.—————————

35. Luke Wensley. African American, ex US Air Force pilot. Honourable discharge.

36. Leonard Timms. Corporal of Horse. Blues and Royals. Honourable discharge.——————————

Trump is foul.


Trump behind and falling. He will become wilder.,


1. Trump denies sexual assault. He claims logic and sense are on his side. He lacks these things.


2. What example does he set for US military when they are trying to stamp out sexual assault.


3. Why have so many Republicans abandoned him?

National security figures and UN Human Rights Commissioner have condemned him.


4. He is a provable liar. Hillary is also bad.


5. He shows a total lack of judgment. He donated to the Clinton foundation.


6. He is tempermentally unsuitable. Sees himself as a victim. Says establishment  is against him. He is son of WASP millionaire. He is a billionaire.


7. He is a recruiting sergeant for ISIS. He agrees with them on the main point that being American and Muslim are incompatible.

Muslims in the USA have been murdered for their faith. Sikhs have been misidentified as Muslim and murdered. His rhetoric leads to this.


8. He is staggeringly ignorant. Does not understand separation of powers. Believes he can use criminal justice for personal vengeance.


9. He is a flip flopper. Contradicts himself on many policy issues: on abortion, on expelling illegals, on Muslim immigration, on Iraq, on Afghanistan on NATO, on Crimea, on the birther issue.