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Received Pronunciation.



What is RP? It is the accent of people from the UK who attend public school.

My background.

All over the UK.

Sometimes called Queen’s English or Oxford English. Both misleading.

Neither good or bad.

Long vowels. H is silent when not word initial.

‘Au’ is distinctive in Austria or Australia.

certain slang words. U and non-U words. Lavatory,

dinner jacket,



railway station,


hounds in hunting,

drawing room.



Tips for tourists in London.

  1. Use public transport.

The London Underground goes everywhere. It is know colloquially as the Tube. In the centre of London there is a station every half a mile.  There are overground trains.

Despite the name the Underground (Tube) is sometimes above the ground

the Overground sometimes goes through tunnels.

There are bus stops all over.

Buy an oyster card. Half the price of trains and overground train tickets. You cannot get on a bus without an oyster. They do NOT take cash.

In the south of the city there is a tram.

Fairly big city 25 miles by 25 miles.


2. Book online. This applies to hotels as well as tickets to things such as the London Eye or London Dungeon.  Faster and cheaper, guaranteed to get on

If you just show up do not go at peak time. Go early morn or evening. Go mid week. Go outside the summer.

Premier Inn, Easy Hotel, Travelodge are all cheap

Norfolk Square is v cheap


3. Go out of season.

October to February inclusive no sun.

Shoulder season like May and Sept is best.

High season is June to August. Spike at Christmas. By 7 Jan is quiet.


4. Go to attractions early.

Tourists get up at 9.

leisurely breakfast.

They finish at 10

digest in their room

leave at 11.

get somewhere at noon


5. Bring a coat.

It can rain even in midsummer.

expect clouds.

Not cold but it is damp. The moist air makes it feel cool.


6. Do not go to Oxford Street on a Saturday or at Christmas.

Manic with shoppers



7. There are excellent day trips to Oxford, Cambridge, Hampton Court and Windsor.

UK is small. You can get anywhere in 8 hours by ground transport.


8. Do not expect thing to be solely British. This is v cosmopolitan. London is a world city. So many nationalities.

So many visible minorities. So many whites are Polish, French and Romanian. Many so called English are half Scots, Welsh and Irish.


9. Get last minute tickets to West End shows.

Go to TCKTS. Not cheap

Theatrical capital of the world.


10. Sharing a taxi can be cheaper than public transport especially if there are several of you.

Black cabs take 5 people. flip down seats are fun

There are illegal cabs at stations late at night and airports.

if someone approaches you he or she is an illegal cabbie. They know less and will over charge. They might be criminals.

Questions to present yourself


1. Could you please start by giving us a brief introduction about yourself, your education, your teaching or childcare experience, and what you’ve been doing in the last 3-5 years?
2. What do you like best about being a teacher?
3. What do you think is the most important thing in teaching adults?
4. What teaching method do you use, what materials?
5. How do you structure your lessons?
6. What are you proud of when it comes to your job?
7. Do you view your personality as flexible and easy to roll with change, or do you need more structure and the ability to plan ahead?
7. What are your hobbies and interests?
8. What is your availability, when could you start a new job?
9. Is there anything else you would like to add and say to the potential family you might be working with?

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This book is absolutely  outstanding. It is the first book of its kind. It clearly defines the sector. It explains how to get into this sector. It offers immensely useful advice about applications, job interviews, job trials and so on. It draws upon a huge amount of experiential advice. This book is written in a lucid and engrossing style. There is ample guidance on handling all sorts of tricky situations.

If you are a private tutor and do not buy it you may find yourself on a sticky wicket without knowing what to do.

Super Tutors
The “How to Make It” Guide to VIP Tutoring and Childcare Jobs”
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How to improve your English for speakers of other languages.

  1. Practise.


2. Emphasise vocabulary over grammar.


3. Be not feel embarrassed.


4. Multisensory learning.


5. Do it on the basis of need.


6. Make it enjoyable.


7. Total immersion.


8. Look at the person’s mouth to learn how to produce the sounds.


9. Look for connections to your own language.


10. Set yourself targets.