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What is magnificent about the Republic of Ireland?

  1. We are a free country.

2. The countryside is gorgeous. Cliffs of Moher are dramatic. Often understated beauty of damp drumlins.

Landscape  like a rumpled quilt. hillocks and gulleys. Patchwork of variegated shades of green.


3. Good food. Honest fare. Unpretentious. Sausages, rashers, black pudding, whit pudding, colcannon. potatoes, potato bread. tripe and drisheen. half a smile.


4. Alcohol.


5. Cultural super power..

Writers.  Joyce, Becket, Behan, Goldsmith.

Musicians.  Popular music and folk music. Not so good on classical.

Not so good on visual arts.

Nobel prizes.


6. sport

4th in rugger.

good at football

our own sports. hurling and Gaelic football.


7. contribution to UN

peacekeeping. service of humanity.


8.. Diaspora. Around the globe so many world leaders are of Irish stock.


9 attitude. garrulity. relaxed.

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Why Brexit will be good for the UK.

  1. Law making powers repatriated.
  • UK is overruled in qualified majority voting many times.

People can have the laws they want. Opinion is never unanimous in any country but some laws are more popular in some states than others.

Inane over regulation. bent bananas rule. No myth.


2. Less immigration.

We can trade without having unlimited movement of people. There are many free trade blocs around the world but only the EU has the unchecked movement of people. People are not goods.

immigration at over 300 000 next per annum. In early 90s it was net 50 000. The UK needs some immigration. Immigrants can be marvellous people. Immigration needs to be at a sensible level.


3. Less money will be wasted.

So much money on moving EU Parliament from Strasbourg to Brussels and back. Carbon foot print

many eurocrats

MEPs overpaid.


4. The UK will be free to make trade deals with other countries.

Some deals would suit UK more than other member states.

Iceland made a deal with CHina despite having only 0.5% of the UK’s population


5. The UK will  not be dragged into avoidable conflicts.

EU Army founded. Clegg lied and send it was a dangerous fantasy.

EU Rapid Reaction Force has been existed for years. You might think an EU Army is good – if so say so.


6. The United Kingdom will restore full democracy.

Elections mean little. Parliament mainly implements EU directives.


7. The popular Brexit vote will be given effect to.

It is right the majority get what they want. What are referenda for?

Europhiles won in 1975 and that result is sacred. Now some of them say that 2016 does not count.


8. The UK can regain control over its fishing grounds.

UK had thriving fishing fleet until 70s. Devastated some rural communities. Some species of fish almost wiped out in North Sea. Norway and Iceland rejected EEC partly for this reason.


9. The British Kingdom will no longer be part of the Common Agricultural Policy that dumps on LEDC markets and subsidises billionaires. Food can become more affordable.

Subsidies for tobacco in Greece that was too costly to smoke.

UK is a net contributor. France is a recipient.


10. Politics will no longer be so opaque. No more secret meetings of the European Commission.

The UK had a bizarrely convoluted legislative process.

EU commission proposes. Co decision between Parliament and council



11. UK will no longer have to have the European Convention of Human Rights as part of its domestic law. The E Convention HR is adjudicated by the E Court of HR which is often anti British saying right to life of terrorists was violated when they were shot dead as after they had planted a bomb.

ECHR has some good provisions. Many praiseworthy provisions have been in British laws for decades or even centuries

some things clash. Right to privacy and right to freedom of expression

ECHR is not sacred. These are tendentious matters

It should not take years and millions of pounds to extradite Abu Qatada. People who advocate ECHR as wonderful are the same ones who speak up for European Arrest Warrant which makes extradition almost automatic within the EU.



Trump is the lowest of the low.


The latest revelation about Trump should not have come as a surprise. A 2005 recording of him was released. In it Trump is in conversation with Billy Bush – a relative of the Bushes father and son. Donald J Trump expresses his belief that he is entitled to sexually assault any woman he wants because he is a ”star” and nothing can happen to him. This rider indicates that he knows this is criminal behaviour. He says he would grab a woman’s genitals without any semblance of consent. He brags about making sexual advances on married women.

Trump advocates committing sex crimes. This pervert inveighed against Syrian refugees in Germany accusing them of committing the very offence that he considers his prerogative. A handful of Syrian refugees in Germany did commit this crime but for every guilty man there were hundreds of innocent ones.

What beggars belief is that evangelical Christians will vote for Trump in such numbers. He is not a puritan. Those who claim to be clean living should detest his boasted marital infidelities, his indecent assaults and his foul language. His hatred for ethnic minorities – including Christians – and his wish to refuse entry to refugees should upset any Christian. He is pro gay rights which will discomfort many Christian extremists. He used to be pro abortion but is now more pro Life than anyone. He is alone among politicians in calling for women who have terminations to be punished. His advocacy of outright torture (”worse than waterboarding”) as well as the deliberate murder of children should outrage any Christian.

Trump has not sunk in the polls yet. Presumably it takes a few days for the effect to be felt. The Democrats will want his vile comments to be played on a loop.

The USA tends to take alleged sexual assaults too seriously. Such incidents are very distasteful. When it really is a sexual assault then yes it is a crime. This means touching a woman’s genitals, breasts or buttocks without lawful excuse, without any belief that the woman approved. There are of course some grey areas where there has been come coquetting in a social situation and there could be a misunderstanding. Honest mistakes are not crimes. In a nightclub when people have been drinking alcohol such accidents are likely to occur. Trump does not drink and was not hinting at any mistake. He would knowingly touch a vagina believing that the woman did not want him to do so. He is a pervert.

The USA has the Prevention of Violence Against Women Act. The title is noble but the content is not. It ought to be called the Prevention of Fair Trials Act.

Trump says this does not reflect his character. His public statements reflect his character. What else does? These comments are entirely in character. He has said such things many times. He is entirely consistent on this issue.


It is flabbergasting that Trump is performing so strongly. His showing is a damning indictment of Hillary Clinton. She ought to be riding high. WHy is she not 20% ahead in the polls. She is a leaden footed campaigner which is why she is not trouncing her. In a sense he is the ideal opponent. He cannot claim to be younger than her. He has no political experience. He is grossly offensive time after time.

It proves that we often overestimate the decency of the public. There are an awful lot of bigots out there. Many people loathe those of other ethnicities and faiths. Trump’s call for crimes against humanity to be committed attracts some people. Trump has torn up the playbook. He has been as undiplomatic as possible. His puerile  ad hominem, his manifold lies and his constant policy shifts seem only to have redounded to his favour.

Trump will likely sink in the polls. He will lose by 8% as I previously said. This latest outburst should not come as a revelation. There is little left to say that he has not say already. His apology was reserved. Moreover, he tried to blame the media for his words! It is a wonder he did not say it was all a plot by Hillary and ISIS.

At least George H W Bush has had the decency to come out for Hillary. Most Republicans are chicken shit and will not endorse the only candidate who can stop Trump.

The real wild card is the Libertarian Party. They are polling 7%. This is excellent for them. Many of their voters are disaffected Republicans. If many of those Libertarians swing to Trump at the last moment it could upset things.

There is talk of dumping Trump but it is too late. The GOP establishment was right about him. But the Republican base warmed to his infantile war mongering race baiting bile. He is a rebarbative demagogue and dangerous egomaniac. His demented cult of the personality speaks volumes about him. He has named so many things after himself. It is deeply sick that many people adulate this narcissistic hate monger.

If the USA elects Trump the country will have reduced its claim to be a civilised country.

The words of the evil tyrant Mr A. Hitler


Heute nach 20 Jahre ohne Hoffnung ein grosse Nation ist wiedermal auferstanden.


Deutscher, Volkesgenosse

am sechster Januar diese jahr

die neue regieurung der Nation

ich und damit die Nationalsozialisticher bewegung draden in die eim

ich glaube das nicht  fur verganinge jahre

bekampfte haben. Wir wollen nicht leben nicht spinderne ich habe

ich habe  abgemelene jeder mal [declined] zu geben

unde selbest allein lichte die Zukunft

des deutschen Volkes wenn wir selbes

dieses deutshc Volkes

einige trotz, einige Arbeit, einige Fleisch, eingie hamiligkeit, genau

Deustchland mit der selbes  schappen mussen

deutesjces Volkes dat mir 4 Jahre

ich komm


Where next for the Labour Party?



  1. Labour is flatlining.

Opinions polls bad.

SNP as strong as ever.

Luckily for Labour Lib Dems are feeble.  Bad leader.

No sign of defections to Lib Dems because Lib Dems are so weak.


2. Corbyn may face another coup.

Moderates conspiring

Re-selection partly owing to seats reduction.

Back to the 80s.

Labour should do far better – slowing economy, doctors’ strike, austerity midterm.



3. Prospects for next election look grim.

Lucky  for Labour there are fixed term elections

Labour cannot win in England alone.

UKIP threat may recede.

May more popular.

Economy may grow again by 2020 and Brexit may succeed. But if not Corbyn is still pledged to Brexit.


4. Labour is not a spent force.

Millions identify with it

Trades unions

Support for public services.

Opposition to austerity.

Labour has been written off before

Chuka Umunna.