A dream of Trump


I sat at a table with some students. I made many disibliging remarks about H Clinton. Then I started giving them the benefit of my pensees on Donald Trump. I noted that he wanted the relatives of terrorists to be killed. I observed that this was explicitly prohibited by international humanitarian law.

Then I noitced Trump was in the group! I quickly changed to find something positive to say about him. I also castigated Mrs Clinton more.

Later I spoke to him and he was not irate. He was surprisingly reasonable.



About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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  1. ISIS is burning innocent people , suicide bombers are blowing innocent people to pieces, Islamic terrorism beheading innocent children in Iraq Syria,Libya, Tunisia .ISIS kidnapped 5000 Yazidi girls in Northern and sold them as sex salves ,where is the world laws is the WEST blind ? is the United Nations blind..James Foley the American journalist was decapitated by Islamic terrorists ,what the world laws done to stop this savageness? ? Hypocrisy is a deadly disease .

    • All the things you say are true. Action is being taken against ISIS. ISIS’s foes are not all innocent either. Intenrational law has allowed other countries to take action against ISIS. The UN cannot take more action because of international law. The vicious Assad dictatorship gets away with murder on a very large scale because Russia is rock solid behind it. Russia blocks any UN Security Council Resolution authorising action against the Ba’athists.

      • Saddam Hussein killed Iraq living a deadly Chaos. Muamer Gaddafi was killed Libya is living a savage chaos. What else left .Syria is the heart of the Middle East ,if Syria goes the whole middle east will be on fire.l taught there . ignorance which created the Arab Spring will bring the Arab Automn.

      • Things were very deadly in Iraq under Saddam. About 500 000 Iraqis were killed in the war against Iran. Many were killed in the Gulf War. The Kurds suffered genocide. There was constant conflict in Kurdistan. There were many uprisings against Saddam. There is violence in Iraq. WHy? Mainly because Saddam’s followers kept it going as Ba’athists and ISIS. In Syria there is a horrendous situation. This is partly owing to ISIS and also to the Ba’athists there.

  2. INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAWS ARE DEAD .THEY GOOD FOR SAUDI ARABIA AND ITS MILLION TO SILENCE THE LIBERAL POLITICIANS.THE WORLD CONSCIENCE ID DEAD LONG TIME AGO .200,000 innocent people been slaughtered in Syria ,what did the international laws done to them .What NATO done to them. Hypocrisy is an epidemic a deadly one.Those who died by Islamic terrorism in Paris Belgium, Istanuyl New York ,San Bernardino are waiting for Justice IS the International Law will give it to them.?????

    • Laws are often broken. That is not to say laws do not exist. You are right that in Saudi Arabia the human rights situation is very bad. There have been many large scale human rights violations in Syria. Are you suggesting this makes the deliberate targetting of civilians lawful? Would you not take exception to the civilians of your nationality being willfully killed? NATO as such has not take action in Syria but several individual NATO countries have struck ISIS. These are the USA, France and the UK. The trouble is this assists the Ba’athists who are almost as horrific. You are right we need justice for the victims of crime. That can only come through a judicial process. What you are calling for is better enforcement of law not the abolition thereof.

      • Weakness begets defeat and failure.The West was able to defeat Nazi but its not able to defeat the Islamic State so far have killed 40 thousand Shia’t Iraqi soldiers.

      • Western countries are not very committed to the fight. They are very casually averse. They do not think ISIS threatens to conquer them. They fear intervention will only stir the hornets’ nest.

      • I am minded to concur. Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan could have been more decisive if the USA and her allies had really committed. This would require huge numbers of troops and accepting high casualties. The USA has 300 000 000 people. For such a nation the deaths of 4 000 people in Iraq is negligible. But the American public will not tolerate so many deaths. I do not agree that Iraq or Afghanistan were failures. Retreat is not the word in Iraq. The USA wanted to overthrow Saddam and ensure there were no WMD there. They accomplished both objectives. They left behind democracy. They tried to agree a longer term presence to assist Iraq but an agreement was not reached. As the Iraqi Government wanted the US military

      • l lived studied and worked in Iraq ,the Iraqi society is mix of mosaic ethnic groups,hate and resent each other.America should never left Iraq .The volcano of disagreement between these ethnic groups erupted and its too late to mend broken Glass plate.l left Iraq ,because l was a second class citizen being a Christian,my degrees ,my patriotism , my love for Iraq meant nothing to them.

      • You are right that Iraq is composed of several ethno-linguistic groups. Moreover, there are two major Muslim denominations there and other religions too. Even the Sunni Muslims there are subdivided into tribes. There certainly is some inter-ethnic animus but it is wrong to suggest that they all hate each other.

      • There is some merit in what you say. Iraq is quite divided. Multilingual, multireligious and multiethnic societies can still have unity and prosperity. In Iraq a minority dominated others for centuries. Domination is not always pernicious. Under Saddam the Sunni Arabic speaking elite behaved horrendously. I am not saying that Arabic speaker in Iraq or Sunnis in Iraqi are bad. The Ba’ath regime was horrific to all groups but was especially savage to the Kurds. Other countries supported rebellions by groups that were largely excluded from power such as Kurds and the Shia. Saddam’s anti-Shia stance can be exaggerated since some Shia held high office in the Ba’ath Party.

      • l lived there my friend and lived everything you said.l speak ,Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Armenian and Assyrian.Because those ethnic groups refuse to speak others language , being Christian to work with them , l had to learn all these languages.

      • My goodness gracious me you are a phenomenally gifted linguist. Arabic is the official language of the nation. Everyone outside Kurdistan can speak Arabic even if imperfectly.

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