chat with the Parisian




NZ bad. UK better even if more expensive.

sanctions – willl not employ some people from NATO countries.

govt people will not employ people from non-sanctioning countries

British mentality is better==============

”one family is just devastated”

bad experience with one family. no manners from nanny. eats badly. bad example. ok in education . cultural gap.

russians not great at etiquette.

my story – only disadvantage: tutors online. they teach particularly to be trained for certain tests for caterham.===================

not enough preparation

he is trained by a great tutor from mentor and sons

you need the right method. there may be different methods from different tutors.=====

can be bad for the child. stick to one person.==========

my advice – not to interfere – dedicate one subject to one tutor


how do you tell a good agency from a bad one?

how long they have been in the market. do they have representatives in London if I am looking for a British tutor.====================

if only have address in Russia that is not good enoug ============

they need recommendation letters. need to be connected to people who give them a reference. you cannot mentio families============

patronage of nobility================


how to chose a tutor

tell them what you want. nationality. gender. age. education======

experience. sexual orientation and religion. all legal records are to be presented. medical records. copies of all diplomas. letters of recommendation ========

choosing between candidates based on my intuition and that of the child.====


what to ask in an interview.?

ask questions listed. want to hear in person about personal experienc===

e ask psychological questions. tell me about the worst day in your life===

tell me about your biggest ahcievement’====

have you rescued someone====

have you had a child with allergies===

did you have issues with medical problems with your friends? How do you react in these situations=====

the mum often travels to hear in the interview

she judges person from the candidates hobbies====

emotional field.===



no one is perfect====

if I see the man is reading a lot that is good.===

she wants her son to like literature

good story telling.====

how the person takes care of himself – gym. grooming. hygiene.===



no leisure. lie.====

watching too much TV.====

rigid answrs are bad. having a complex is bad====



v important.===

you see him hands on. some people interview well and are bad in reality ===

the tutor had phone call during lessons and ignored the boy’ ===

smoking on the balcony..===

boy can report what the tutor does ====

trials can be 1 month.==

what to do during trial. – said the tutor has to look after the boy. emergency call for mum to go away. tutor in sole charge====

the tutor was having his gf visit. the tutor prioritised his gf over the boy

he refused to check homework. ====

trials paid? Usually yes. maybe 50% of normal salary ====



delicate questions. keep a distance from tutor

agency is a brilliant tool

someone has a bad habit. she pays a lot of attention to how people eat ===

do not give this role to a person with bad table manners

good relationship with the son. doing sport with him. good teaching

bad habits are terrible.

family values must be represented to the son ===

go to the agency to solve issues. this is a way to avoid offending the tutor.



be very clear to everyone. do not hesitate.

it is not working. tell the agency first. they find a new one for you.



good marks.

role model. important in single parent family.

shares more things.



close to the family but not in it. not to be too familiar. ===

keep the ”vous” ====



Russia was locked for so long. age of parents. they live in homogenous society. the society was of communism built by different values. This collapsed.

copying western models. there is frustration.

the tutor has a good degree, good family education but because they have more money they are nouveaux riches.

if they pay break certain barrier. they also show lack of respect to people they invite to work for their children.

the trainers need etiquette.

it is a big mistake . people who have lots of money they think $ is the only value

some parents treat tutors like the lowest servant



be clear what you can offer.

British are most expensive. Londoners cost more from those from the north











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Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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