Rational choice theory. Liz Clayton


Bentham and Beccaria.

  1. humans are rational
  2. criminals make choices

cornish and clarke have furthered rational choice


Burglat thinks. Which houses have goodies? Are neighbours around? Which houses can be accessed?

rational choice is the notion that a criminal considers pros and cons before committing crime

is all crime pre meditated? This is a fallacy.

macro perspective on crime. rewarding, easy , satisfying and ludic

there are contributing factors to crime – baackground, psychology, demographics, situational, peer pressure, alcohol, drug infuence

weigh cost and benefits  quickly

chances of getting caught, punishment, gain and immediacy of the gain

criminal uses past experiences.

choice theory relies on the assumption that crims have other needs

hierarchy of needs. shelter is higher than love

food is more important than a phone

past experiences

choice only has to be rational to the criminal but not to others.

society can use target hardening to make it more difficult to commit a crime. bank vaults.

rational choice describes. it does not explain how crims process info or if choice is rational



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