Signal crimes


broken windows litter.

signal crime is welcome. spiral of decline

from Chicago School

situational crime prevention.

inner city sink estate. railway track by it. bombarded by stones. fences is too low.

access road into estates. cars are stolen a lot. broken into. vandalised.

problems wooded area – overgrown area.  children smoke crack in the woods. street walkers. kids escape on rat runs after mugging. they know the routes.

community centre.

what is to be done? Adapt the environment to design out crime .

bloomsbury square and russell square – had a reputation for cottaging and drug dealing

they adapted the environment

big bushes were removed. there is natural surveillance now. deters crime

higher fences and gates to regulate traffic in and out. cars are stolen and can only go through gate. defensible space. public space becomes private space

no rat runs . regulate movement. cut back trees

big cameras ;- light the area. set up concierge.

tenements. maisonettes.

stairwell stank of wee wee. graffitti and rubbish

change the environment. people like to have space that they can defend. create it. put doors in each landing. only people who live on the landing have access thereto. people out hanging baskets outsode the house and leaving bikes out. they take an interest in the area outside the house. if it looks good people behave well

form follows fear.

if people are scared and put big gates up. this sends out signal that people are frightened. there are grilles.

environment impacts in individual and group behaviour

this has an explanation outside  a person

right to buy  – stable community. crime falls

janet foster applied the study to england and found council estates have v strong communities different to shore, mckay and burgess found in the USA







About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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