Classical criminologyy sub cultural theory


Mark Cambridge


background info – cultural diversity

flows from strain theory

context is 1950s and 60s.

situate theories in context

why theory is grounded in context. peculiar times

teddy boys 1950s

british youth subculture – conscription ended. invented their own identity

the word teenage was invented. teenagers were marketed to. people had a disposable income. rock and roll. consumerism

cold war. alien movies. ”Teenagers from outer space” – film.

film ”the Wild One”

”What are you rebelling against Johnnie?”/ ”Whata you got?”

motor bikes, geled hair, black leather jackets

teddy boys. uniform. hair style looked different from parents. made it acceptable to care about appearance as a man. rejecting other things

brothel creeper shoes, waistcoat from different material from jacket, accessorising, flamboyant. edwardian style ,  Guards officers off duty, sharp look

pink linings and socks. pompadours. aping upper class

middle class wanted to be casual. abandonment

working class youth culture v careful look -dressing up


teddy boys were often racist.

rockers came along. leather jackets . motorbikes. more muscular american culture – fighting.

teddy boys became mods.


generation extended and extenuating

delinquent titles


maps of meaning


cohen linked delinquency to nature of american society

structure of society.

merton looks at instrumental motivation – stealing






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