Donald Trump



Mr Donald Trump was born in New York City in 1946. His father was an American of German parentage. His mother was a British immigrant to the United States. Donald Trump’s father was a self-made millionaire from property development. Donald Trump was one of five children. The family were Christians but not very religious.

Trump had a privileged upbringing. He was told never to smoke, drink, gamble or take drugs. Later his brother became an alcoholic and died in his 40s as a result of his addiction.

Trump was a so-so student at school. He went to Fordham University. Donald Trump graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. His father gave him $200 000 to start a business. Trump went into property development. He bought cheap buildings, renovated them and sold them at a huge profit. He sold residential properties as well as office space.

Trump soon branched out. He set up hotels and golf courses. Sometimes his ventures were successful. He also had some failures. He founded Trump University. Some people said it was very vain of him to name a university after himself. The university has since closed down. Trump has named buildings Trump Towers.

Trump married a Czech woman named Ivanka. She used to be a model. They had children. They have subsequently divorced. Donald T remains close to his daughter from that marriage Ivana. When Ivanka divorced Mr Trump she was paid millions of dollars in a settlement.

Trump has since married a lady who immigrated to the United States from Slovenia.

Trump has appeared on a reality TV show called the Apprentice. People have to compete to be his assistant. They must be brainy, resilient and cool under fire. They must be superb businesspeople. Trump loves the limelight.

In the 1990s Trump was close to President Clinton. He spoke out in favour of liberal causes. He expressed his admiration for Planned Parenthood. He said the United States should usually stand aloof from foreign conflicts.

In 2008 Barak Obama was elected president. Donald Trump said that Obama was born in the United States and was therefore not entitled to be President of the United States. The US Constitution says only natural born citizens may be president. In fact even if Obama was born in Kenya he was born to an American mother and was therefore born an American citizen. Trump had wanted John McCain to be president. McCain was born in Panama!

Obama eventually released his birth certificate proving he was born in Hawaii, in the United States. Trump started to identify as a Republican. He savagely criticised the Obama administration signing an agreement to end sanctions against Iran. His slogan is ”make America great again.” Trump said that Obama’s foreign policy was the worst ever.

In 2015 Trump announced he would be seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency. There were 20 people in the field seeking this nomination. Trump had the name recognition and the money. He had never before sought elected office. Trump was the frontrunner. More and more candidates dropped out. Trump expressed his belief that people should be allowed to own military style firearms and carry them almost anywhere. Trump became notorious for his anti Muslim rhetoric. He said he would not allow any Muslims into the United States. He also intends to deport all the illegal immigrants in the USA. This is no matter how long they have been there even if they have done nothing wrong. He was vituperative against Mexican illegal immigrants. His inflammatory rhetoric appeared to besmirch all Mexican-Americans too. He has said as president he would build a wall along the frontier with Mexico and make Mexico pay for it.

Trump is still the favourite to win the Republican nomination. He has sometimes been beaten by Ted Cruz who is a Texan senator.

Trump is very thin skinned. When journalists ask him tough questions he lashes out and insults their appearance. He has urged his followers to beat up anyone who interrupts him.

In August the Republican Party will select its presidential candidate. The Democrats are trying to chose between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The election is the first Tuesday in November.

Trump never drinks. He has three grandchildren. He is bald but has a comb over. He has been on American Roast.


  1. When was Trump born?

2. Which countries did his ancestors live in before the USA?


3. What warnings did Trump have against alcohol?

4. Which party does he belong to?


5. How did he make his money?


6. Describe his family life.

7. Why is he so controversial?


8. What is your opinion of him?


9. How likely is he to enter the White House?






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