Deckmyn v Vandersteen


This is an ECJ case. it came from a Belgian court which requested a preliminary ruling. It was about a Vlaams Belang politician

Deckmyn was the politician. He had covered Spike and Suzy the magazine

The right holders of the comic which was copied sued Deckmyn

when can a derivative work be seen as a parody?

the advocate general says this issue can vary from state to state’ the Copyright directive allows for parody. The parody must involve jest and a degree of originality

In 2011 the politician Deckmyn handed out calendars which lampooned a rival politician as a donor. it was a reprise of a 1961 comic

Ghent money was givent to outsiders – that was Deckmun;s messages. he said a child could tell it was a joke

the comic’s authro vandersteen had said that his work must never be used for politicla purposes




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