Association Belges des consummateurs Test Achats v Conseil des ministres


the ECJ invalidated a directive .

there was sex discrimination in insurnace. companies used statistical data to calculate risk based on gender. women live longer. men crash cars more etc…

pensions were more cosrly for women and cr insurance for men/ the coirt held that insurnace companies could not use gender info this way

Test Achats was a consumer protection watchdog. it said the way a n EU directive was transposed into EU law was wrong and breached human rights

The Charer of Fundamental Rights of the EU came into play. the directive seemed to conflcit with artcile 5

a transiaitonla period was permitted to enable states to come into conformity with the new dispensation


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Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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