Meca Medina ruling


David Meca-Medina v Commission of the Euripean Communities

this was a landmark judgment/ Igor Macjen was a Slovenian swimmer

Meca-Medina and another swimmer failed durgs tests. Meca-Median was Spanish and the other chappie was Slovenian

The ECJ can impose rules on national sporting bodies if the rules of the said bodies directly conflict with EUU standards

Prior to 2006 there was a sporting exception to rules. This was established in a Dutch case

could a regulatory or sanctioning body discriminate on the grounds of nationality? This was unclear


this case clarified that vexed issue

these two guys tested positive for a banned substance after a long distance swim. they were banned for 4 years

the ECJ found that sport can be an economic activity since it is paid. It falls within the scope of EU rules.

anti doping rules are not a solely sporting issue but rtouch other areas of law. This is a health, ecoooc and crimianl issue


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