The comedy of errors. A precis.

The story starts in Ephesus in Turkey. A man called Antipholus of Syracuse is there. He is a businessman. He gets arrested because he is not allowed to be in Ephesus. He will be punished with death. He is on his way to be killed. He speaks to the Duke of Ephesus. The duke is like the boss of the city. Antipholus of Syracuse tells the duke that he is in Ephesus to find some long lost relatives whom he lost in a shipwreck 25 years back. The duke takes pity on him. The duke say that if the guy can pay a lot of money as a punishment within 1 day then he will not be killed.
 The race is on to find people to pay enough money to save the man’s life.
In this act a lot happens.
Antipholus of Syracuse goes to a hotel and finds that his servant has put his bags and money there.
Antipholus of S walks around the city. He meets his slave Dromio of Syracuse. Dromio of S tells his master that he did not put the bags and money in the hotel.
Antipholus does not understand. Antopholus of S does not realise that there is another slave named Dromio of Ephesus who is the identical twin of Dromio of Syracuse.
Antipholus of S gets real mad. His slaves clams him with a joke
Adriana and Luciana come along and they chat.
Adriana takes Antipholus of S back to her house. She thinks this man is her husband Antipholus of Ephesus.
 The two men are identical twins who are separated at birth but they do not know it.



In this act Antipholus of Syracuse is in a house with Luciana. Nobody else is there.
Luciana is the sister of Adriana.
 She scolds him for being bad to her sister. What Luciana does not figure out is that this guy is not her brother in law. She mistakes him from Antipholus of Ephesus who looks the exact same as Antipholus of Syracuse because they are twins.
Antipholus of S says he is not married to anyone. He announces his love for her. Luciana is sickened that this man would commit adultery. She runs out.
Luciana goes and tells her sister.
Dromio comes in and says Antipholus is in prison and desperately needs some money.
Angelo owes a lot of cash to the Second Merchant. If he does not pay his debt then the merchant will have Angelo arrested.
Dromio of Syracuse sees Antipholus of Ephesus. Dromio of S mistakes this man for his owner. He says to Antipholus of E that the boat is ready to go. Antipholus of E is surprised because he has no boat.



Antipholus of S is walking about town. He says people he never saw in his life come up to him to say how and they know his name. He just does not get it.
 This is dramatic irony because he does not know that he has a twin brother with the same name who has lived in that town for years.
Dromio of S runs up to him and gives him gold from Adriana to buy his freedom. Freedom for the master that is.
Antipholus of S thinks what? He has no idea about the money. He says is the ship ready for sailing?
Dromio of E goes to prison and he speaks to the guard. He see Antipholus of E in there. This man asks his slave where the money is to set him free. The slave answers that the money has been spent on a rope. Antipholus gets real mad an says that was so much cash you could buy many ropes with it.
Antipholus and S starts going around with a sword. He orders his slave to put his bags in the boat.
Angelo and the merchant are talking about how weird it is that Antipholus said he never got the money.
Antipholus of S and Dromio of S then come in.
Angelo sees the man has a gold necklace. Angelo insults him. Both guys get out swords. They are furious.
DUke sOLINUs comes along. It is evening. Egeon is about to be killed.
Egeon is not killed. He sees Antipholus of E.
Antipholus of E does not know what is going on.
Finally the other Antipholus and the other Dromio turn up. The abbess – that is the nun shows up. She is a relative and she knows the whole story. She tells everybody who is who. Then it is all clear. The situation is resolved. The mystery is over.
The abbess is the wife of Egeon.

About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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