Brown v Board of Education 1954


This case reached the US Supreme Court.

This case reversed Plessy v Ferguson 1896

 Separate but equal was thrown out as a legal doctrine.  ”No state shall deny any citizen the equal protection of laws on the grounds of race”

Public schools could no longer be segregated by race. The 14th Amendment there had to be real equality. There was equal protection under the constitution.

Brown II said states must end racial segregation ”with all deliberate speed.”

This was a 9-0 decision – Brown I that is

Brown alleged that states provided separate education and this was unequal.  17 states allowed racial segregation in schooling and 16 banned it.

 The Race Question was published by UNESCO in 1950 highlighting these injustices/

 Someone published a book in 1943 about America’s racial problem ”The Negro Problem;  a Modern American Dilemma.”

Psychologists showed that segregated education had a negative influence on the self esteem of black children.

A US Supreme Court justice Douglas went to India. He was immediately asked why the US allowed the lynching of negroes. Americans woke up to the fact that the USA was looking bad in the eyes of the world because of wrong done to African Americans.





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