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West Point is the US Army Academy.. West Point was founded in 1802. It is 50 miles north of New York City. It overlooks the River Hudson.

James Webster Smith was the first black cadet. He was admitted in 1870.

Women were admitted to West Point in 1976. Women now comprise 15% of the cadets/

Men and women go to West Point for a 4 year course to become officers in the US Army. The gain a bachelor’s degree as part of this.

It is difficult to get into West Point. People have to be very brainy and athletic to gain admission. The students at West Point are called cadets. They do a physically very demanding programme. They play sports. They also do academic subjects such as Mathematics, English, History, Chemistry and so on. They can do many languages like Portuguese an Chinese.

West Point demands honesty from its students. ANyone who lies, cheats or steals is kicked out. If a student finds that another is breaking a rule he or she must report that other person.

Those who graduate are ranked. Roughly 1 000 people graduate each year. The best one is declared to be 1st, the second best is 2nd and so on right down to number 1000  out of 1000.

Several famous army officers are buried there. They include William Westmoreland who was the most senior American commander in Vietnam and George C Custer who was the defeated American commander at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Cadets must be at least 17 when they begin and unmarried.

Only 13% of those who apply to West Point are accepted.


  1. When was West Point Founded?
  2. What is WEST Point?

3. What is it?

4. Where is it?

5. What is a cadet?

6. How long to people study there?

7. Are there female cadets?

8. What are expulsion offences?

9. How are graduates ranked?

The Zodiac Killer



In the 1960s a very strange serial killer stalked the United States. He was known as the Zodiac killer.

The signs of the Zodiac are Ares, Saggiatarius, Virgo and so forth. These are part of an Ancient Greek system of astrology.

In 1968 the Zodiac Killer shot dead a young couple in California. They were aged 16 and 17.

In 1969 he approached a couple aged 19 and 22 in a remote area. They were having a picnic. The young man (Michael Mageau) saw a man in a black mask. At first he thought the man in the black mask was a weirdo. It got a lot worse. The man in the black mask approached them and drew his gun. The couple thought he was going to steal their car. He ordered the young woman (Darlene Ferrin) to tie up her boyfriend’s hand behind his back. Then he ordered the couple to lie face down on the grass. The Zodiac killer shot them both in the back. He left assuming that both were dead. The girl died but the boy survived. This witness told police that from his assailant’s voice he seemed to be a white American.

Only two months later the Zodiac Killer committed a similar horrific attack. He approached a couple who had parked their car in a remote beauty spot. He pulled a gun on them. The Zodiac Killer wore his black mask. He ordered the girl to tie up the boy’s hands behind his back. The Zodiac Killer then stabbed them both in the back. Again the girl died but the man lived. It was 1969.

Then in San Francisco the Zodiac Killer shot and killed a taxi driver.

The above murders are agreed by the police to be virtually certainly the work of the Zodiac Killer.

There was another shooting of a couple in California in 1963 which some people believe was carried out by the Zodiac Killer. On another occasion an estate agent went to show a man around a property. She was never seen again. The Zodiac Killer claimed to have murdered her too. On another occasion he kidnapped a young woman and her baby. He drove her in a car for an hour and a half before she managed to escape.

The Zodiac Killer spoke extensively to his victims. He claimed he had busted out of prison in another state and was en route to Mexico.

The Zodiac Killer wrote to newspaper claiming to have killed 37 victims. However, some of the murders he boasted of have been proven to have been committed by others. Some murders he said he committed have not been solved but he is not thought to be responsible. There are 7 murders that the police believe that the Zodiac Killer carried out. He was called the Zodiac Killer because he mentioned signs of the Zodiac so much in his letters.

The Zodiac Killer could not spell. He said in his letters that he enjoyed killing and this would gain him slaves for the afterlife.  He sometimes phoned the police to brag about his crimes. On one occasion he posted some material from a victim’s shirt to prove he was the killer.

He was a pitiless killer who carried out crimes that were totally unprovoked. He caused untold grief for the families of his victims.

The police took descriptions form the victims. The Zodiac Killer is a white man who is thin and of average height. He wears glasses and has spiky hair.


  1. In which country did the Zodiac Killer commit his crimes?
  2. What are signs of the Zodiac?

3. What makes the Zodiac Killer so especially evil/

4. What signs are there that he was mentally ill?

5. What was his method?