Daily Archives: May 13, 2015

Slender man



This is a fictional supernatural character. Eric Knudsen created him in 2009. Slender is another word for Slim.

Slenderman wears a black suit and he has no face. He is rather scary. He is in many stories and most of them are online.

He seems like a ghost and some children find him frightening.  He seems like a shadow. He is mysterious. He seems like a figure from ancient folklore.. People can imagine him the way the like. Slenderman is extremely popular and there are many imitations of him. He changes a lot. This alludes back to a character from 16th century Germany. He is strange.


1. Who is slenderman?

2. Who invented him?

3. When was he invented?

4. What does he look like?

5. How do people feel about him?

6. Draw him.

Red head post mistress


I dreamt of that postie I saw yesterday. She is a 40 year old Russian of average build. She has tight red curls and sensuous lips. Somehow she seemed attainable – like a girl next door. I awoke very turned on by this ginger one.