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Ethnic minorities in the Cabinet.


I would have moved Osborne to another post. Not education or health since his reputation as a slasher would be held against him despite him not cutting schools or health spending. He cut universities spending though – good on him.

I would have promoted ethnic minority people partly due to the talen of the individuals but also to confound accusations of racialism. Moreover, it appeals to ethnic minority voters. They should have been promoted to be parliamentary private secretaries, whips then junior ministers to the Cabinet. Only Javid is there and Baroness Warsi resigned some time ago.

Priti Patel as Foreign Secretary – partly because we need to strengthen ties with India. Her ancestry would play well in South Asia. Kwasi KWarteng as HHome Secretary. I would have moved Teresa May to be Chancellor.

In time he will promote ethnic minority MPs.

As there are more ethnic minority people it is ever more vital for the Conservative Party to appeal to them.

Great Britain trifurcated.


North Britain  is almost entirely in the grip of the SNP.

Northern England is largely Labour territory. They have in fact shored up their majorities there. With the UKIP surge in that region there is no danger to them next time.

In Southern England the Conservative heartland has been consolidated.

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom but not of Great Britain. The 18 constituencies are held by five different parties. The breadth of opinion is thus represented. Unionism is fissiparous – UUP, DUP, UKIP, TUV and the Conservatives all stand. The blatant thing to do is for the for the UUP, DUP and Conservatives to amalgamate. ehe TUV will soon lose their assembly seats and be wound up. Opposing the Good Friday Agreement has no future.

It is worrisome that the regional differences have been overemphasised by the First Past the Post system.

The largest party does not always win under First Past the Post. This was the case in 1910 both times, 1929, 1951, February 1974. A party can go down i n votes and up in seats like the Lib Dems in 1997 or down in seats and up in votes like Labour this time. There is almost no relationship between seats and votes. UKIP gets two and a half times as many votes as the SNP but 1/56th of the representation.