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There is a well known fashionable label named Gucci. It was founded by a man named Guccio Gucci in 1921. Mr Gucci was an Italian and he set up his company in Florence. Guccio Gucci’s three sons also went into the family business.

Gucci sells luxury clothes and goods. It has an annual turnover of around USD 5 000 000 000. Bear in mind this is not all profit! There are costs of doing business.

Gucci has long been popular in Western Europe and North America. As other parts of the world have become rich Gucci shops have opened elsewhere. Gucci has some shops in former Soviet countries such as Kazakhstan. There are more Gucci shops opening in the Far East.

Grace Mugabe is the First Lady of Zimbabwe. Her liking for expensive clothes and handbags has led to her being called Gucci Grace by her enemies. SOme people are jealous of those who can afford Gucci garments. Scarves, coats and belts are among Gucci’s famous items.

Gucci is the biggest selling Italian brand. The name is associated with wealth and elegance. People are willing to pay a lot for Gucci goods.

Gucci is worried about counterfeiters. These people undercut Gucci and steal some of their market share.


1. When was Gucci founded?

2. What was Mr Gucci’s first name?

3. In which city was this company founded?

4. What nationality is Gucci?

5. How many sons did Guccio Gucci have?

6. What are some famous Gucci’s products?

7. Who is Gucci Grace?

8. What is the annual income of Gucci?

9. Name six countries with Gucci shops. (6)

10. What do you make of Gucci? (6)

Presidential security services.


Presidential security services.

Most countries have a president. SOme have a monarch instead. Some people want to assassinate the president. They wish to kill the president for political or religious reasons. Sometimes they are mentally ill. Sometimes they want to become well known for killing a president.

In the United States the secret service protects the president. They also protect all former presidents. The secret service in the United States is not that effective. Out of 44 presidents 4 have been shot dead. One of them, Ronald Reagan, was shot but survived. There have been numerous other plots to kill presidents that have not got as far as opening fire because the plotters were arrested.

The Russian Presidential Protection Service is highly successful. No Russian president has ever come close to being assassinated. They are also very strict and they are given extensive powers to protect the president. THEY close many streets for hours before the president drives by.

In Egypt the President of Egypt was driving slowly through a town in an open top car. There were crowds there to greet him. There were barriers to hold back the people and the police were there to keep the people back. One man jumped over the barrier and ran towards the president’s car with something in his hand. Presidential security shot the man dead. It turned out he had a letter in his hand. He was harmless. They did not know that until he was dead.

Presidential security services are made up of ex soldiers. They have to be athletic and alert. They wear suits and they have guns on them under their suits. They have ear pieces. They are right around the president ready to protect him if they see any threat. They are always scanning the crowd looking for signs that someone has a gun or bomb. They look to see if someone is nervous or seems to be waiting for a chance to attack.


1. What is presidential security?

2. How many American presidents have been assassinated?

3. Which American President was shot but lived?

4. How many Russian Presidents have been assassinated?

5. What sort of people get to join presidential security?

6. Why did the Egyptian Presidential Security shoot dead a man?

7. Why do people want to kill presidents?

8. Would you like to join this service? (5)