Daily Archives: April 20, 2015

Hitler’s birthday


Today is the natal day of the man with no surname: Adolf Hitler. We all know about his innumerable crimes. The Jewish Holocaust is foremost. The slaughter of Gypsies is not far behind. Civilian populations of conquered states were abominably treated under him. His forces committed many massacres. I am not anti-German. I do not insinuate that all Germans in his time were bad. Many went along with this out of self-preservation and conformity. Moreover, they were hoodwinked by his very skillful propaganda supremo Dr Goebbels.

Hitler was a miscreant and his misdeeds are too numerous to enumerate. Did he do anything good? There are the motorways. Planned under the Weimar Republic they were built under him. He reduced joblessness. He improved the economy. He brought order and restored national pride albeit of a very chauvinistic stripe. This turned to bellicosity. This article does not suggest that his regime was a balance between good and wickedry. The wickedness enormously outweighted the little good he did. His constructive policies were all at the beginning and his evil was mostly at the end. This is why he had a lot of support in the early days. Then it seemed too late with withdraw support once the full horror of Nazism became apparent. His cruelty was unbounded.

He was a deranged tyrant who immiserated the world. He brought calamity on his people. His racialistic rhetoric was toxic. Surely one could see he was dangerously mad. His brand of totalitarian militarism is deeply unpalatable.

There were many monstrous tyrants at the time and he was probably the worst of the lot.