Page 102. Law of property. quiz


1. Which is the essential for a valid lease?


It is exclusive possession. If th possession is not exclusive it is a licence. Rent is not essential. People whho do not pay rent have been found to have leases. A fixed term is not necessary it could be a pperiodic tenancy.


2. If a lease has an uncertain term but rent it paid regularly will this be a valid lease?


It is still a valid lease as a periodic one. The court mayy fill in the blanks if needs be. They will go by the norm.


3. Considering your answer to question is this a legal lease?


No it is equitable for lack of formality.


4. Which of the leases needs to be substantively registerd to be legal on creation?


A lease of over seven years. Only OVER this time – not xeactly seven years . That is in tje Land Registration Act 2002.


5. What are the requirements of a valid equitaable lease?


It must be specifically enforceable as a contract.

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