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The Eurasian Union.



This organisation was founded in 2011. The original member states are Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The three presidents met to sign an agreement. They are Putin, Nazarbayev and Lukashenko respectively. The Eurasian Union is an economic zone. It also aims at political co-operation. People from any of these countries have the right to live and work in the others. The Eurasian Union is ”based on the most positive values of the Soviet Union.”

Armenia has since joined the Eurasian Union. Kyrgyzstan is thinking about it. The languages of all four member states are official languages of the EAU. In practice Russian is used since it is the only language common to all member states. There is no one capital of the EAU. The commission of it is in Moscow, the development bank is in Astana and the court is in Minsk.

The EAU provides a bright future for all member states. They can all become rich by working together. There is talk about forming one currency. In the days of the USSR they all used the rouble. In future they may have a common currency. Another possibility is a fixed rate of exchange between their currencies.

All EAU countries are also members of the CIS. The EAU is the inner core of the CIS.


1. When was the EAU founded?

2. Who is the president of Belarus?

3. Which EAU institution is in Almaty?

4. What is the purpose of the EAU?

5. Is there a common currency for the EAU now?

6. Which country joined the EAU after 2011?

7. Which country will probably join soon?

8. What rights does a Kazakh have in relation to Russia?

9. What language is used by EAU organisations?

10. Do you think the EAU is a good idea? (6)

Neil Armstrong


Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon.

Neil Armstrong was born in the United States in 1930. He studied at Purdue University. He joined the US Navy and trained as a pilot. Later he was transferred to NASA. In those days only military officers were allowed to train as astronauts. This also excluded all women from being astronauts as women could not join the military back then.

Armstrong served as a test pilot. He had to fly as high and as fast as possible. He also tried out new planes.

In the late 1960s Armstrong and many others trained to fly to the moon. It was not certain which one of them would be picked by NASA to be the first man on the moon. The Soviets had been winning the space race and the United States was desperate for a success. In the end NASA decided that Armstrong was their best astronaut to go to the moon.

In July 1969 a mission called Appollo 11 was launched. This was the flight to the moon. It was broadcast live in American television. Armstrong’s space rocket flew to the moon. It was a very risky mission. There was a high chance of the mission not reaching the moon or even of the space rocket exploding. Armstrong tried not to be nervous.

That day the space ship safely reached the moon. Neil Armstrong could hardly believe it. It was only then that he thought of something profound to say. ”One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.” By putting his foot on the moon he had made something that seemed utterly impossible become real.

Armstrong collected soon moon rocks for analysis by scientists. After a few minutes on the moon he returned to his space rocket and went back to Earth. Armstrong was greeted by jubilant crowds. He was the most celebrated man in America.

Armstrong retired from NASA. He died in 2012.


1. When was Armstrong born?

2. Was he in the military?

3. Were women allowed to be American astronauts in the 1950s?

4. Why did Armstrong not think of what to say when landing on the moon until just before he arrived on the moon?

5. In what month did he land on the moon?

6. What did he say when he arrived on the moon?

7. Why did he collect moon rocks?

8. How did the American public greet him?

9. What was the name of the first mission to the moon/

10. What is your opinion of him? (6)

John Glenn.


John Glenn the famous astronaut.

John Glenn was born in the United States in 1921. He was in the US military during the Second World War. He flew combat missions against the Japanese. He stayed in the military after that. He also fought in the Korean War.

John Glenn started to train with NASA. One of the reasons he was chosen is that he was average height. Tall men could not be astronauts because the space ships were too small.

In 1962 he went into space. This was shown live on American television. The commentator said, ”Godspeed John Glenn.” John Glenn orbited the world three times in four hours. It caught the public imagination. Glenn returned safely from his mission and landed in the sea. He was lionised by the American public.

Glenn later left NASA. He decided to go into politics. There are two major parties in the United States – the Democrats and the Republicans. He joined the Democrats. Glenn had trouble getting elected. He had a powerful enemy within the Democratic Party who accused him of never having worked. John Glenn was very angry. All his war service and work as an astronaut was not work? Glenn made an impassioned speech about this. This helped get him elected to the senate. He served as a senator for many years.

Senator John Glenn went back into space in 1998. At 78 he is the oldest person ever to have been in space. He has since retired from the senate and from space flights. He is the oldest living astronaut and he is greatly respected in the USA.


1. What nationality is John Glenn.

2. In which country was he born?

3. Which two wars did he serve in?

4. Was he in the navy?

5. What is NASA?

6. In which year did he go into space?

7. What did the commentator say when Glenn took off?

8. Did he come back down to dry land?

9. What career did Glenn have after being an astronaut?

10. What did Glenn do aged 78?

11. Why do many people respect him? (5)

Page 98. Law of property. Activity 6.11


What is the position if the original lease is equitable or the assignment is equitable and there is therefore no privity of estate?


The benefits and burdens pass to parties who are not orginal to the contract if these benefis and burdens touch and concern the land AND these have reference to the subject matter of the lease.

As Lord Templeman said ”the fortunate English landlord has two remedies after an assiegent, namely his remdy aganst an assignee and hsr emdyy agains te origianl tenant.”

chinese visa dream


I was going abck to China. There is that job in Guangzhou. I saw that city hosted the Asian Games once. Would I go? I did not want to. I had a bad experience in the PRC. Was my visa vlaid? No it was not. So I could get out of it/ Was it single entry . I was unsure.

Maybe this reflects my uncertainty about this job. I want to pass my probation. All the indications are that I shall pass. I do not wish to reuturn to China. I shall only do so if there is no alterative. I amtrying to presue others to go.

I want to be able to say no to other possibilities when I am sure tha I have this job for a long time to come. I am also thinking about my visa for here. Runs out in April. Good if I have a chance to go and get it rnewed in the British Isles and thus visit my tot.

Activity 6.10. Page 96. Law of property.


a. two parties agreed a tenancy to commence on 1 January 2003 at a rent of 12 000 pper annum payable monthly. In February 2003 the landlord decided that he wanted to determine the tenancy. How should this be done?


If there was no time limit then this can be doone. He needs to inform the tenant by notice. bThis can be ended by telling the tenant to get out in a specified time. Usually it is based on ho often the rent is paid. If it is paid momnthly, for instance, the tenant usually has a month to get out. This must be complied with.


b.   What if the tenancy had been for eight years?


Then the tenant would be able to register a land charge because he has over a 7 year lease. He could not be got out so easily.


A dream of travel


II was in a room with sevral men. i was wit m chums seated around th tabale. Wagatito was there- not really amate. Then all of a sudden,I was in an airport. Not sure where I was going/ I do not know. It was a fairly big and briightly lti airport. It was day. Not many people were about. iw s with a short Latin Amrrican man with darksih skin. We decide ti stroll around the airport before our flight. We hurried as hwe had not a lot of time. I thought about seeing some place I had never seen before. Would we go to Jaoan? Maybe because of Wagatito. I have though when I finsih this job in a year maybe I shal visit Nippon which I have never sene ebfore. Woould I got to Dubai. BuT i AHD BEEN THERE. iN AFCT I have not but went in Brunei AIlrines once. I am going to Dubai once and I flew wih Royal bRUENI oNCE  which siw hy I thoyght that. Then i awoke with morning glory.