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The Ched Evans imbrolgio


A Welsh international footballer was convicted of raping a girl in 2012. Ched Evans had intercourse with a 19 year old in Wales. He was sentenced to five years incarceration but released after two and a half years. Should his club allow him to play again? They most definitely should. He was convicted of a major crime but this does not make him a useless footballer. Some people see footballers as role models. They shouldn’t. Footballers are selected on their sporting ability and not on any other criterion. If some view such men as role models that is the mistake of the people with this bizarre attitude.

There are other questions surrounding this vexed issue. This boy has never wavered in his denial of any wrongdoing. Is it not possible that he is true> He would have helped himself to have plead guilty and got a shorter sentence. He would have helped himself get out of gaol sooner if he had said he was guilty and expressed remorse. It was one person’s word against another. How can hearsay ever be beyond all reasonable doubt? It is astoniashing and scary that he was convicted. He should appeal.

Judy Finnegan observed that this man did not use any violence and the girl concerned in this incident was inebriated. No doubt he had had a few bevvies too. Her consent was vitiated. Why was his consent not vitiated? This sexual double standard is blatantly inequitable.

Ched Evans’ girlfriend has bravely stood by him which must count in his favour. He wa s unfaithful to her.  He has served his sentence ands should not be enaliseds f

The alleged victim suffered a few minutes unpleasantness and stress. She may suffer some anguish for many years. As she is heterosexual and Evans is very handsome it cannot have been too horrific. There was some consensual sexual contact before penetration.

This I part of a frightening trend of people being convicted of a heinous misdeed on flimsy evidence. Evans has been branded a sex criminal for the rest of his life. Of course we should think of the impact of a wrongful conviction on someone.

Aggressive Feminists will howl and mke blood curdling insults. They will as such and such is outrageous. They shout down and calumniate anyone who asks worthwuo questions

Judy Fiengan courageously spoke ion defence of Ched EvANS. hER DAUGHTER WAS TRHEATEneD with rape by online trolls. Her daughter had spoken in support of her mother’s tendentious comments on this head. Such threats should eb punishable but mere insults o8ght not to be.

There are many rape myths perpetuated by ultra feminists. They claim that rape is very wideprad. They claim that bein drunk means there can be no consne.t Most people have therefore raped which is a preposterous suggestion. Hiow drunk si drunk? Does any lochol amount to rape? That would be abusrd and manifestlyu unjust. Ultta feminists says that sexual contact does not amount to consent. HWHAT DOES THEN? I am not saying that evena  kiss necessitate full consent. These men haters want to make it difficult for heteroxeul men to get sex. They say that once inteouxe has began one can change one’s mind. Many men lose self control. There are felex actions. It is possible not to hear someone especially if under the unfleunce of alcohol or drugs. They say that complaice does not equal consent. It s very reasonable fro a make to think that it does. These andrphobes want people to sign on the dotted line before sex cmmcnes. This bureaucratization of sex is daft and nhuamn. They wish to kill romance an spontaneity.  They say that allegation can be just as credible if mad eyears after an alleged incisent. This again is patenyl illogical andf unfair. Allegations made immediatey after a so called incident are surely more belieavable. Long after an eventy there can eb no DNA evidne. It is a myt to think that there can be rae without us of force or making someone unconsiocus.

Rape is on a moral par with blary. It is an invasion of priavy and can cause psychological traum for among time. A rape that uses deadly weapon and violence is onviously more galling than one that does not.

Judy Finnegan should not have apoligised for her remakrs. HSe has rectaredt her statement of fact that this rae was not violent. Indeed it is highly doubtful that it was rape at all. A woman who feels embarrassed about an incident  or regrest what she dd may then allege that she was taken by force. Perhas this female found out that Evans already had a girlfriend and thenw as irate.

Even if he is totally guilty let him play for Evans, I do not trivialaise rae but nor do I dramtsidse it. Some people try to be moralistic and oestantoous abotut hewir supposed virtue by hamming up their sense of outrage at rape. They call for excessive and unjust stnecnes as a meas of demotrating their supposed goodness and  compassion. In factbthey are being sanctimonious and alarmist. It takes no valour to throw a tantrum about this and to exaggarte how bad this crime is. It is bad but some people say it is close to murder.  I have female friends, relatives anf a girlfriend . I wouod not wish any of them to fall victim to this garev wrong.

The real msicreants are those who would repive of us of our liberty. Thes are the uktra feminsist  make and female. They would take away much of our sex lives anf th