Daily Archives: October 17, 2014

A dream of Toby and a rotten school


I dreamt I saw Sir Toby dressed up to the nines and sitting bolt upright in a chair. He spoke languidly and with supreme confidence. He was every inch the patrician. He warmed to his theme – whatever that was. It was as if he was being interviewed on some evening television show. He may have worn a cravat and blue blazer. I have seen the word krawate around a lot lately – I know this means tie but in my subconscious it may have put me in mind of ties. I have been thinking of contacting solicitors about him and maybe this is why he appeared. I also saw that Don Giovanni scene from AMADEUS for the first tme since 2006 and he is the image that haunts me – the harbinger of my miserable childhood. I have also thought of telling my maternal parent not to crow that I like that school as she did when I was last in Cork. Then I dsaw Wester Elchies. In fact I have never seen it but it wa sin my dream. Itw as like Aberlour’s main buiilding only much smaller. It was almost beige in colour. I knew it had dry rot. Then suddenly it was pulled down and no dust came out as the stone collapsed instabdy. Then only a little rubble was left. What does it represent? The downfall of that place or my choldhood?