Daily Archives: October 1, 2014

A dream of ISIS


I was in Iraq. I saw a man all dressed in black walkd down an unlit street at night. I am not sure hoe I saw him. Maybe I was him. He had a ling thin gun.This was a sniper rifle. The sniper lay on the ground seeking out a target. There was a black dog which he considered shooting because it might alert people to his presence. n the end he shot nothing and sauntered back the way he had come. The buildings were all low rise and the stret was unpaved.

I thought he was fighting against Isis.

Later I was taling to a youngm na in a supermakret. He had his hair cut very short ont he side but sticking up on top. He was white and British. He was tidy and uobeat. He told me what he was dfoiung in Iraq. I cannot remember the job

Later I was in a room full of white people often middle aged. A few were women. The men and women were all spare and well turned out even in casuals. I reaised theyw ere undercover soldiers working in Iraq. Thwn I met that young man from the supermarkert. He had very pale skin but wa snot unhealth His hair was dark brown. He resmebedla comedian I saw a few weeks abck. Anyway, then I twigged and said I REakised hewas a sildier in deep cover. How could I have fallen for his story. He smirked but was not contemptuous.