Daily Archives: November 15, 2013

A dream of my tot.


I dreamt that I was with my child in a bedroom. The room was superclean. He was in his day clothes. He rolled on the bed – rolled onto his back and gamboled. He hugged a tall and hefty woman. She is based on a Russian I met in March named Lera or some such Christian name. Oddly she was looking after an 8 year old bart named Danya. I have been worried about my child’s conduct but lately he has been behaving well

My child giggled and was utterly happy.

In a later chapter I was on a bridge or some such structure. I lead a group of boys my age. wE CLIMBed up it and cars went beneath. It was not windy up there. The day was not sunny or cloudly. CUriously the bridge became a blow of plastic material but this did not bother me at the time nor did it sink under our weight. As the bridge curved down to the road level after a few hunred metres I felt relieved.