Daily Archives: September 17, 2013

A dream of Kazakhstan, Israel and a bloody goat.


I was boarding a passenger plane to Israel. Some oldish, portly Israeli men stood around arguing in Hebrew. All were clean shaven and did not dress as Orthodox Jews. One of them looked a bit like Ariel Sharon with glasses. It was a trip organised with a view to building peace between Israel and Palestine. Mybe this dream comes from watching The Story of the Jew by Schama and the fact that I glimpsed a boo by a Jewish American casitgating Obama for not securing peace there. 

Later I wa in Kazakhstan lying on the grass. As I slept on the floor with two cats in the room this part of the dream had some basis in reality. I awoke and saw it was a sunyn day. A soldier in Kazakh Arym dress unfirk stood there. His clothes were aqua marine and he had an oversized Soviet style ski jump army cap..He had Mongoloid features and was very slim. He was unsmiling. A middle aged white woman was standing there in demure clothes. Perhaps the Oriental and the woman come from having seen a Filipina ladyboy last night. 

Later I saw a goat sacrificed. The brown goat bled freely onto the grass but did not murmur, Streams of dark red blood gushed from its limp carcass. I felt nauseous. In reality I was due to have blood taken to see if I have diabetes soo this may be anxiety related to that.