Daily Archives: September 13, 2013

Psycho jokes


Patient to psychiatrist ”I feel totally inadequate.”


Psychiatrist ”Well at least you are right about something.”


Patient to psychologist ”I hate myself.”

Psychologist: ”You are a good judge of character.”


A dream of Mila and a drinks party.


I dreamt of my paramour of some 7 years ago. This buxom Slovak waitress was very free spirited and had suggested unnatural intercourse. I replied, ”will you marry me?”. Not really. Cut to the chase. This was the first dream in which I was reading an email. How 21st centurty os that!

In it She sent me photos of herself and her new boyfriend. I do not know if she has one. She was stripping in the snaps and showing me her ample bottom. Then her boyfriend was copulating with her both fore and aft. I never saw his face but he was white. She took it up the wrong un. I appreciated this homemade porn.

Later I arrived at a drinks party with my university friends. None of these boys or girls had aged. The chaps and chapesses were all of the pukka sort. They were in dinner jackets and evening dresses. As I walked in they looked at me askance. There was an unpaid bill and I was in the wrong togs. It perhaps alludes to an unpaid bill from Raymond’s stag. I have coughed up since. Moreover, I wore the wrong attire for his soiree. 

The first dream was wish fulfilment. I wish I was with that girl with red brown hair and her uberous tits. She was eager for it and spoilt me.