Daily Archives: January 12, 2013

A dream of an email.


I had a dream about receiving an email. It was from Georg. It was pleasant in tone and told me about his sister but it was not wonderful news – he was not telling me to go and see her. Not a day goes by that I do not think about her.  She is my steadiest sexual fantasy. I always think of her. Mistreating her will be a lifelong regret.

I do not believe that she would take me back.I looked her up on the internet.I found someone with her   name living some way south of Munich.That is her part of the country. It is perhaps 300km from her birthplace. This did not say the middle name of the lady in questions so I am unsure if this is the self-same person.





I applaud the moral valour of Paul Daniels.


Paul Daniels confessed – if that is the verb – that he picked up a young lady about 40 years ago as he drove across Great Britain one evening. This miniskirited filly sported high heels and whinged that her boyfriend had been ignoring her in the pub. He embraced her and his ‘clinch’might have become steamier had she not revealed that she was at school. He promptly threw her out of his automobile. The age of consent is 16 which she may have been – or 17 or 18. She was probably legal. Bearing in mind that one is not permitted into a pub until the age of 18 without one’sparents it is a fair assumption that she was 18. Paul Daniels was very cautious in curtailing his encounter with the said girl. He was incautious in his revelation 40 odd years on. Daniels was honest to the point of unwisdom in putting this vignette into the public domain. 

Paul Daniels (is it Sir Paul) said that he deprecates the hundreds of allegations against the late unlamented Sir Jimmy Savile. He notes that some soi disant victims went to Savile’s dressing room many times of their own free will. Why wait up to 50 years until one reports these accusations?

It was a differet era. People took a more mature and measured view of the age of consent. We need an age of conset. People were less officious in policing it back then. It is doubtful in many cases if so called victims can recall precisely when certain alleged incidets occurred – before or after the age of 16. These girls may have thrown themselves at Savile. Further, this was an epoch when Abba produced a song entitled, ”I kissed the teacher”. They would be booed off the stage if they attempted to sing that number these days. 

I have never been a fan of this Geordie magician. I take my hat off to his courage and candour.

The abuse industry has denounced him. The so-called child protection experts are so prurient.Why are they so fixated with the subject? Are they trying to cover their tracks? THEY always presume guilt.It is good for them if endless accusations are made. It enriches them and raises their status. These witchfiders general are see as modern crusaders. They need to keep these historic allegations coming. They do not have as many accusations coming out as they want. A whole wing in Winson Prison in Birmingham is now given over to housing those convicted of sexual abuse of children. Most of them are guilty and many have committed heinous crimes against children. It is right that such people be banged up. As it is one person’s word against another I suspect some innocents are there. There may be others there who did what they are accused of but what they did was dubious rather than criminal in the moral sense.