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No to thought crime!


I Conservative MP s proposing a new law to ban stories about the sexual abuse of children. Of course I detest the sexual abuse of children. This is a grave crime and must be punished as such. Of course it rather depends on one’s defintion of child and abuse. But that is another matter.


No child is harmed by the writing or the reading of a tale. As there is no victim there can in truth be no crime.  If he wished to ban works that write of the sexual abuse of childrent his would have to include  Lolita, the Bible, the Koran, Romeo and Juliet. Saying that stories beofre are certain date are exmpet makes no sense.  Ok these works do not relish in under age sex. the fact is that under age sex happens. I do not think it is a good thing. If it is 2 underage people that is plainly not as harmful as an underage person and a mature adult.

Why does this man have an unhealthy fixation with this topic? Is he trying to hide his own proclivities by posing as this crusader in defence of children? He is leading a witch hunt.

I have not read any such stories but I am sure that many of them are repugnant. People always speak wryly of the Marquis de Sade. In fact his 120 Days of Sodom was banned for over a century after he died. I have read a brief summary of it that doe snot contain any quotations from the actual text. The story is about little girls and boys being kidnapped – taken to a dungeon – tortured and raped for months. This is patently a harrowing tale that would disgust any right thinking person.  However, I do not wish to impose my moral or artistic tastes on others.

By banning these revolting stories we invent a thought crime. We watse police time  – the courts’ time and taxpayers money. We fill prisons where dangerous men might otherwise be held. It starts us on a very dangerous course of forbidding things because most people find them distasteful.


The said Tory parlimentarian said that these stories may fuel the fantasies of paedophiles. That may be the case – but I know of no such evidence. It is wrong to prohibit it on suspicion. Moreover, such tales may in fact sate some men rather than tantalise them on to act out their sick fantasies.


The fact that porn is forbidden in Saudi Arabia and the like does not prevent rape there.

We do not ban war films because it will lead to wars.

There is the trouble of what one categorises as child porn tales. A colleague of mine had a worrying penchant for stories about child abuse. The novels did not talk up child abuse as a positive thing but seemed to sympathise with the victim and seek to highlight what a ghastly thing the abuse is. I know this only from the bumpf on the back cover.

Liberty should be robustly defended. These moral authoritarians are bullies. I am afraid that the mob will be easily swayed to do injustice. A vicious assault on liberty is in the offing. This is a very emotive topic. Anyone who speaks up for something as fundamental as the freedom to be unpopular will likely to denounced in the most libellous and foul terms.


A dream of Alex and a wounding


I bedreamt me not many nights in arrear of  former pupil of mind named Alex. He was about 11 when last I saw him. He was tall, precocious and smart. He was a know it all but at least he wanted to learn. The smart arse was always presuming to correct me. Now I do make mistakes but I do not think he ever spotted one of mine. Yet I diverge from my intended mental path. Back on traxk – there was some sort of sporting competition like beach volleyball.

His opponent fell to the ground. This other child then whipped put a knife and scraped it along his arm. Alex’s opponent then appealed to the referee that Alex had wounded him. Alex was speechless – he could not believe the nerve the other boy has in inflciting and injusy  upon himself for the sole puprose of blaming Alex. The refree mused on it for a moment and glance away. The boy made a second wound on his right arm. In fact the firstb one had been on his right.


I had beent hinking of that olive skinned child the night before. I also dreamt of a blond boy named Oscar. COme to think of it maybe it was OScar who played fair and Alex who was the cheat. That would fit more with their characters.