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Her Majesty’s Armed Forces – a sentimenal proposal.


I saw the sainted Nigel Farage on telly talking about how UKIP would expand the Armed Forces. It would soak up unemployment but it would be rather expensive. I am a total civilian and I am very glad I have not spent a day in the military. I like the names of the historic regiments and I am attracted to the idea of the United Kingdom being reasonably militarily strong. I thought it was a shame that Labour amalagamated so many regiments. I know the Conservatives did it and it has been going on for decades. Here is my very unscientific and ignorant proposal to beef up the armed services and bring back some historic regiments names and a few I have invented. It includes numbers of ships and aircraft.

Yes, I know this is infantile and ill-informed.

Northern Irish regiments.

Royal Irish Regiment
Royal Ulster Rifles
Royal Eniskilling Dragoon Guards


Welsh regiments

Royal Welch Fusiliers [sic]
Royal Regiment of Wales
South Wales Borderers
Prince of Wales Regiment
Princess of Wales Regiment


Scots regiments

South Scottish Borderers
Royal Scots Regiment
King’s Own Highlanders
Royal Highland Regiment (Black Watch)
Seaforth Highlanders
Cameronian Highlanders
Gordon Highlanders
Argyll and Southerland Highlanders
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
The North British Horse (Scots Greys)


Ethnic minority regiments

British Sikh Regiment
Hindu Regiment
Jewish Lads’ Brigade
Muslim Regiment
British West Indian Regiment
Sri Lankan Regiment
British African Regiment
British Arab Regiment
British Polish Regiment


NB: of course everyone is entitled to join any regiment. One does not need to be from Manchester to join that regiment. This applies to ethnic minority regiments. One does not need to be an Arab to join that regiment. It would pan out that most of those who enlist in that regiment would be Arabs but no one would be refused. The aim of having ethnic minority regiments is to form units with an espirit de corps and celebrate ethnic diversity – this is not about segregation. They would be more easily provided with food meeting their dietary requirements and chaplains for their faiths.


English regiments

Manchester Regiment
King’s Liverpool Regiment
Essex Regiment
Royal Anglian Regiment
Green Howard
Oxfordshire and Buckinghmashire Light Infantry
King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Lancashire and Yorkshire Regiment
The Rifle Brigade
The Durham Light Infantry
The Duke of Northumbria’s Regiment
Tyneside Irish Regiment

Duke of York’s Regiment
Yorkshire Light Infantry
Kent Regiment
Dorsetshire Regiment
Devonshire Regiment
Duke of Cornwall’s Regiment
Royal Worcestershire Regiment
Royal Lancashire Fusiliers
London Irish Regiment
London Regiment
London Scottish Regiment
Hull Sportsmen

Sherwood Foresters

Royal Berkshire Regiment
Hertfordshire Regiment
Cambridgeshire Regiment
Newcastle Regiment
Leeds Pals
Accrington Pals
Derbyshire Regiment
Chester Regiment
Hampshire Regiment
Sussex Regiment
Suffolk Regiment
Northumbrian Regiment
Durham Regiment

Royal Anglian Regiment
The Buffs
Oxfordshire Hussars


General regiments.

Parachute Regiment
Royal Army Medical Corps
Pay Corps
Intelligence Corps
Royal Engineers
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Royal Veternairy Corps
Royal Artillery
Royal Signals Corps
Royal Corps of Transport
Royal Observer Corps

Special Air Service
Special Boat Service

The Lancers
King’s Royal Horse Artillery
The Dragoons
The Carbiners
The Hussars



Irish Guards
Welsh Guards
Scots Guards
Grenadier Guards
Coldstream Guards

The Blues
The Royals
The Lifeguards.
I intended the number of regiments from a country of the UK to reflect its population. Northern Ireland has 3% of the population and thus 3 regiments etc…

The general regiments would be overwhelmingly English.

The ethnic minority regiments would be in approximate proportion to the numbers of that community from which they are principally drawn.


Aircraft carriers 5

Frigates 30 (2 helicopters each)

Destroyers 40 (1 chopper each)

Mine ships 10

Nuclear submarines 5

Conventional submarines 30



900 combat aircraft

100 Bombers

Transport planes 100