Daily Archives: May 31, 2011

The Libyan Civil War.


Libya’s Civil War rages on. The fighting will not abate I think until Col. Gaddafi is removed from power, I shall not say office since he holds no office. The Botox Berber does indeed have much to answer for.

The soi-disant Brotherly Guide of the Revolution is as solipsistic as his absurd title suggest. He is man of quite exceptional bombast. I remember than scene when tribesman hailed him – camel whips aloft. He sat pouting sternly. What a poseur. This contemptible popinjay is a case study in megalomania.

Down with Gaddafi. Yes, I would like him to go but I cannot say that the foreign intervention was necessary, justified nor wise. I suppose that Sarko, Cameroon, B Hussein Obama and their ilk have decided that having got into this fight they must not get out of it without something to show for it. They must have Gaddafi’s head. They would settle, I do not doubt, for Gaddafi to flee and live out the rest of his natural enjoying his billions in some shady bolthole. Gaddafi must be made to seen that there shall be no letup in the campaign agin him. On the other hand I do not see him throwing in the towel. He stood fast when the situation looked rather hairier.

I would like to see the truculent scowl that Gaddfi thinks impresses wiped off the tyrant’s botoxed chops.