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Countries I have visited in approximate order


Republic of Ireland.-

England –

Italy / partly written

Aged 1 (total 3)

Libya. Tunisia –

aged 2 (total 5)

France. partly written

Monaco . written

Vatican City

aged 3 (total 8)

Scotland. –
Jordan. written

aged 4 (total 10)

Saudi Arabia. –
Jersey. –

aged 5 (total 13)

South Africa, –

aged 6 (total 15)

Greece. partly written

aged 7 (total 16)

Israel, written
Palestine, –
Cyprus, written
Egypt. –
Spain. partly written

aged 8 ( total 22)

Netherlands. partly written

Bahrain. –

aged 9 (total 23)

UAE, –
Oman, partly written
Thailand. written

aged 10 (total 26)

Chad –

AGED 11 (total 27)

Northern Ireland. –

aged 12

aged 13. Switzerland. – (total 28)

aged 14

Russia, –
Qatar -(total 30)

aged 15


aged 16 (total 31)

aged 17

Wales –

aged 18 (total 32)

aged 19 Nepal, written partly
India partly written(total 34)

aged 20

Pakistan. written

aged 21 (total 35)

Germany, partly written
Singapore, partly written
Indonesia, partly written
Malaysia, partly written
Vietnam, written
Laos, written
Cambodia. written

aged 22 (total 42)

Belgium. written

aged 23 (total 43)

Morocco. partly written
Turkey. partly written
Slovenia. – partly written
Austria. partly written
Czech Republic. –
Peru, –
Chile, –
Uruguay. –
Argentina. –
Brazil. partly written (total 53)

aged 24. Portugal. –
Gibraltar –
(total 55)

aged 25

Lichtenstein. –
Hungary. –
Croatia.- (total 58)

26. Luxembourg. –
San Marino.-
Estonia,- written
Latvia, – written
Lithuania. –
Romania. –
Serbia. –
Bosnia Herzegovina. –
Montenegro. –
Albania. partly written

(total 71)

aged 27

Denmark. written
Sweden. written
Finland. –
Malta. –
Costa Rica,-
Nicaragua. –
Honduras, –
El Salvador.-
Guatemala. –
Belize. –
Mexico.- (total 82)

aged 28

Barbados (total 88)

aged 29


(total 90)

aged 30

aged 31

none since.

Georgia (total 92)

Lunch time arguments


I wish to recall certain arguments that I had at work at the luncheon table some years ago when I still worked as a teacher. I remember Christian  Sour arguing about homosexualism with Mme. Theron. The aged Saffa was saying it emerges in urban societies to reduce the birth rate. He took umbrage at this was visibly pissed off. Gay rights are a hobby-horse for him. He huffed and snorted derision. She said that gays were not normal. It did not come across to me as a wicked thing to say – there was no vitriol in it. She has at other times told me that she had gay friends. Sour was sour. He said being in love with a person of one’s own sex was not determined by social circumstances. Mme Theron was on the back foot and explained that she had attitudes shaped by her era and upbringing as Chris has his attitudes formed in a like manner.

Like a typical new Labourite he is sanctimonious and judgmental. Can they not see even a little irony in this? They tear down one system that oppressed free expression to replace it with another. Later away from Mme Theron he asked for my support. Did I not think that for one who works in a school to can being gay banormal is reprehensible. I had to disappoint him. I said I believe in letting gays do what they want. I am against gay adoption. For ultra liberals if one does not subscribe to the entire agenda one is wicked.For him this is the sacred cause that can brook no questioning.

I said that I believed in corporal punishment. My head of dept Denisa recounted her experience of being whacked for tiny things. I disagree with hitting a child for a light cause. She said if a teacher had hit one of her brood she would have found out where that person lived to take revenge. What an over reaction. She must have something to prove – to show she is a good mother. People get so het up about it. If my children are hit by their teachers my reaction will depend on what my child has done. Denisa claims that behaviour was no better in the old days. This is patently false. Teachers were almost never sworn at or assaulted. Crime rates were much lower. Bad behaviour in school clearly leads to crime as the pupils grow up. The caused of crime are manifold – family breakdown, drugs, soft punishment – poverty is a very minor factor. Like a typical leftists she defies reason in claiming harsher punishment does not reduce crime. They certainly do not take that attitude to racism. They call for racist attitudes –  what they consider to be racist –  to be punished in the strongest possible ways. No chance, no mitigating circumstances.

Denisa always used tp bring class into it. She claimed as I went to public school I know nothing. She said working class boys in her school were proud to be caned. But all hard lads are proud of any punishment. Class has nothing to do with it. She is amiable but a deeply prejudices person. She thinks my background invalidates my views.

She further claimed that thicko boys from public school were let into university in the old days. When I expressed my disbelief she backtracked a little. I pointed out that until the 1980s there was no expectation that boys from public school should go to university. Now if one does not one is told that one has failed. I decried the dumbing down of universities. She said that a Cambridge degree was not devalued by other people doing mickey mouse subjects. I said that it was. I have been rejected for hundreds of jobs. The very word degree has been enormously devalued. People were are not remotely interested in education get degrees. Sour pointed out his Cantabrigian mates are asked by employers –  where is your master’s degree?

Denise said there are no jobs for 16 year old school leavers. I said there are. Cleaners, bus drivers, shop assistants, soldiers, nursery assistants etc… There are some factory jobs still. We have so raised the level that is needed to work in a nursery etc that is unnecessarily disbars 16 year olds without making people who have the piece of paper any cleverer. The reason those who leave school at 16 do not have jobs is partly due to excessive immigration and also due to the welfare dependency culture.

She told me people in her ENglish Midlands shire who were working class did not attend the Church of England. I said there were some working class Anglicans. She replied that I was living in cloud cuckooland. This is odd as a majority of people in England were Anglicans at least on paper in the 1960s yet over 60% of people called themselves working class.